Who’s deef?

deef is me, a musician, metaphysicist & futurophile creative creator.
This is my digital home & hub for different activities.

Here you will find my music & other stuff I work on.
Just some legit deef-place outside the standard commercial platforms.
Everything is maintained by me with essential programming help from EEDEE.
The beautiful fractals you see all over the site were made with GASTON. Thanks Leo Fink!

For starters, here is my romantic artist manifesto:

Besides making music propelled by the joy of creating something new & deep, I do commissioned work for theater & films, give Ableton LIVE Tête-à-Tête-Lessons, work as a Social Worker with people with mental illnesses, supposedly write my Philosophy-M.A.-Thesis on:
“Philosophy of Composition from the Viewpoint of selected Composers of the 20th Century”, and binge through some great shows more often than not.

I am interested in a conglomeration of music, real metaphysics, consciousness, future technology (blockchain, modular synths, electronic music instruments, maxmsp etc.), psychology, psychedelics, tropes, humans, autobiographies, movies…

TL;DR Social workin’, Teachin’, solving the mystery of existence & making romantic post-avantgarde music are my main jobs.

deef_in_good_old_HDr_by niklas_plessing