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I’m deef and this homepage is my digital home.

Here you will find my music & related thoughts.
Just some deef-place outside the standard commercial music-platforms.
Everything is maintained by me with essential programming help from EEDEE.

For starters, here is my romantic artist manifesto:


At the moment I am working as a Social Worker and supposedly writing my M.A.-Thesis on
“Philosophy of Composition from the Viewpoint of selected Composers of the 20th Century”, but…

I am interested in a conglomeration of music, real metaphysics, consciousness, future technology…

  • transcendental connection through the source of consciousness to all other nodes of consciousness – alien or from other dimensions ? – count me in!
  • blockchain-based music & money & data – distribution? – sign me up!
  • the latter one might be closer in the future.
  • the letter is coming from the future.

deef_in_good_old_HDr_by niklas_plessing