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The picture is depicting a human climbing a magical ladder towards the heavens while transforming itself into an abstract form of a soul. A fitting metaphor for the evolution concept in Real Metaphysics.

Michael Leopold Lukas Willmann – “Jacob’s ladder”

pre scriptum

In this text I summarized some of the most important points I learned in my researches of Real Metaphysics. I will add & modify this text with time as this is indeed a very crude & brief summary.
The intricacies are literally infinitely complex indeed! As this is Real Metaphysics there is an answer to every critique. It is not a matter of finding a hole in my theoretical construct like we are used to e.g. in analytic philosophy. First, the problems & false statements are arising out of my wrong understanding being a humble student – in this case you have to literally live your theory & I am not at the pinnacle of my soul-development. Second, even mediums make errors, because they function as a filter through which a higher-dimensionally-focused-source has to express itself. The same goes for Astral Travellers. You can only experience & express through yourself, so if you want to come closer to Real Metaphysics you have to change yourself, especially your believe structures, which is hard as a diamond indeed.
Real Metaphysics is my term to separate the true metaphysical facts from the field of logically derived speculations of philosophers called “metaphysics”.
Real Metaphysics 101 is an introduction into this field.

What is a Soul? What is God/Source?

A soul is an Individuated Unit Of Consciousness. It is part of the overall multidimensional, metaphysical existence aka god aka source aka love. Like everything it is made from the source’s “flesh”. A soul has free will. A soul is on its way to learn/experience the source, being part of the source means it learns itself, but on the contrary to the source a soul can not assimilate all this infinite love at once. It is just way too much – that is why it has to do it step by step. So over a course of nearly infinite lives on all kinds of unimaginable physical, un-physical, abstract, WTF-planes of existence it learns its way back. It is like a stone thrown far, far away from the source, by the source itself and now this stone embarks upon the the journey to find its way back to the source and while doing it, it becomes a source itself. The details of the source-soul-relationship are not out yet – it can be the case that we are sources already & we thrown ourselves far away from this knowledge in order to experience a journey from the start like some boss, who went incognito into her factory to find out authentically about the working conditions and in order to do it properly it forgot who it is, but this is a speculation as we are in post-metaphysical terrain discussing this. There is way too much stuff going on in our close metaphysical neighborhood already. No need to rush. As far as I heard/read even old, experienced souls living dat multidimensional live & who seem like gods to us don’t know what the source really is = what they really are. Even they are still at the beginning. So while growing & finding our way back our focus of consciousness broadens, so we can process more and more realities/dimensions at the same time. The possibilities & the power grow exponentially & with them the responsibility for other souls aka source-consciousness-fractals. You can feel this basic principle of consciousness’ expansion and contraction also in your life on earth. In your joyful, loving moments you are aware of many things around you & you can manage them fast & efficient – it simply flows effortlessly. Being induced with fear makes you contract inside yourself. Everything seems grey and closed up. There seems to be no way out. In conversations you may stumble in fearful reflection what to say or not to say or how you appear. It is not pleasant to converse with a fearful soul. A creative, fearful soul might then prepared reaction-patterns so it can fall back to them to cover up the sticky-icky fear. To the attentive conversation-partner this patterns can seem suspiciously bright & loud. More of a re-enactment than the real thing. It may seem like a person is not really here with you. So it is different from person to person how much of the soul you really get, how much closer or far away a soul is during a contact. It is a delicate art to spot the soul-status, e.g. a talkative, outgoing, seemingly joyous person can be in reality something quite different than the patterns she/he presents to you. Dependent on the age of a soul (not body!) this patterns may seem very obvious or undetectable. With some experience you can feel if a person’s soul is really here with you or if you get just a little part. You can feel how authentic the person is. In similar vein one can also feel the age of a soul. There are many kinds of fears, which in turn are many kinds of lessons how to handle love. In extreme cases other souls can suck out your life energy (this is where the “vampire”-myth is coming from). You feel totally drained after just one hour of conversation. In this case you find a possibility to learn how to close yourself off without fear. On “the other side” in non-physical-meta-reality you can/will meet souls who are much higher developed so if you approach them you feel so humbled & so much love that you can’t stop crying like a baby. Like suddenly meeting the love of your life after missing it for 10 years on an overdose of MDMA. So in order to communicate efficiently you have to learn how to “close” yourself. Just one tiny earth-lesson out of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

What is Earth’s place inside the metaphysical infinity?

Such physical plane as our Earth is rare in the overall existence, because it provides the experience of extreme separation from the knowledge that you are an immortal soul nested in a metaphysical fractal of the source on the infinitely long way to become a god/source herself through experiencing & learning. Earth is highly regarded because this separateness makes it possible to experience very deep positive and especially negative emotions. The creator/source/god or a part of it created Earth as an experiment how far from light can souls survive. How do they do it? What new skills do they develop? This experiment helps the overall evolution of all consciousness/source/god/creator. Our metaphysical neighbors who developed the skills to travel through dimensions of consciousness experience the earth as “dense”. Souls incarnating on Earth are like metaphysical coal miners. The job is hard & dangerous, but very important to everybody else. It is also a school. Earth-graduates are highly regarded in the overall existence and they also recognize each other long after leaving for good & continuing somewhere else. There are nearly infinite physical planes with planets similar to Earth but without the “you are born & forget the metaphysical common sense” – obstacle. Souls embarking on Earth-School-Programme are regarded as courageous & high-flying in general. Every soul incarnating on the earth does it 100% voluntary!!!


Because in 99% of the incarnation-scenarios we are obliged to forget our connectedness to the source after birth many nasty things happen. All of the earthly drama is due to this grand forgetting paired with the low development of the students.
So it is only natural to ask why?
Why all this drama, killing, hunger, violence, destruction, etc. etc.
Why does the source allow such bad stuff to happen?
Isn’t that horribly unjust?
Many people close this line of thinking with: so there can be no loving god/source. We are born into this random evolution-existence-parcel with our soul being a function of body/brain both coming to an end together post mortem.
In reality it is really hard for us to comprehend, but all this drama ain’t that bad once having finished a particular life aka dying aka transitioning back to home aka going on intermediary summer vacation after school’s out. It is more like hyperrealistic movie, even though if it is horror – it is still a moving, exciting experience afterwards no matter how horrible the horror was.
– But little children dying of hunger or violence – how can this be exciting? What sick shit are you talking about?
Well, souls are much less victims than regarded in our society. Souls know of the difficulties lying ahead in their incarnation as they plan these beforehand, but they often underestimate how deep & visceral it really will feel once they’re here – without the metaphysical common sense, totally disconnected from the source. So sometimes they take on more than they can handle. That doesn’t mean that all this horrible stuff is justified either! One of the main subjects of the earth-school is polarity. You learn what good/love/source is through bad experiences with fear as our teacher. That is why we chose earth. Looked upon from the other side all this horrible stuff is whether good nor bad. It is just experience. Earth is a school, more like pre-school & not an university, that is also another reason for all this mess. It is a hard elite-pre-school, where you learn a lot very fast, but mostly the hard way. And you know how children can be… Many young souls have to learn a lot before getting to the love-non-ego-side. And many young souls make it for other souls very hard to live a joyful, hunger-free, violence-free life. But then again, after getting to the other side the life-experience traumas will be healed with the help of our metaphysical family & friends. Over there it is also much harder for the perpetrator than for the victim. Tied to this is another tricky point to understand. It is not the good actions that you do that are important, but the intentions behind it. The intentions reflect the current development of your soul. E. g. if you do Mother-Theresa-style actions, but only for your reputation or your karma-points or your development (trying to force it through “good” action) – it will backfire. Your soul will try to talk to you through emotions, thoughts, everyday circumstances & finally if you won’t hear through illness. You will feel unsatisfied & if you ignore it long enough the soul will reflect that inside your body with metaphorically-appropriate illness. Metaphors are the language of the soul aka the higher self, which in turn is the part of you residing in the metaphysical realm while you have this very convincing physical reality experience. That is why some people will continue to be sick no matter how perfectly you heal them or people will heal miraculously if they start to listen to their soul & change, no matter how sick the body was (see Anita Moorjani). There are exceptions to everything, but nearly all illnesses & many types of death are chosen by the soul aka by you. Now & then there is a real too-soon-death, because of our messy, industrialized plane & free will of plagued souls, but even most of the tragic deaths are pre-planned. That is why you will often find circumstances around death of your loved ones fitting if you have the capacity to analyze calmly after your mourning. Dates, names, places, times around the death of a loved one – all can be orchestrated by the departed soul for a last metaphysical wink. Souls of the departed can appear in dreams of their friends exactly at the times of their deaths even though the friends know nothing about the death. Of course the science will conjure up the Occam’s Razor, which cuts off swiftly everything the razors operator doesn’t believe in, because, well… that is more straight forward than reconstructing your whole dogmatic believe-structure.
… but still telling a grieving parent the loss was pre-planned doesn’t cut it. Also not all dramas are pre-planned. At the same time there seems to be a paradox: If a particular life-drama-plan is not in my current consciousness as a conscious decision – I feel as a victim (by myself?) again. The power of the self which all spiritual traditions highlight gets undermined. I am sure this paradox can dissolve if we learn more about real metaphysics. How does the free will of an individual soul mingle with the soul’s plan which in turn was forgotten upon entering the physical matter reality?
I close the topic of Theodicy with a quotation by Seth (channeled through Jane):
“I was once a mother with twelve children. Ignorant in terms of education, far from beautiful, particularly in later years, with a wild temper and raucous voice. This was around Jerusalem in the sixth century. The children had many fathers. I did my best to provide for them. My name was Marshaba. We lived wherever we could, squatting in doorways and, finally, all begging. Yet in that existence, physical life had a contrast, a sharpness greater than any I had known. A crust of bread was far more delicious to me than any piece of cake, however well frosted, had ever been in lives before. When my children laughed I was overwhelmed with delight, and despite our privations, each morning was a triumphant surprise that we had not died in our sleep, that we had not succumbed to starvation. I chose that life deliberately, as each of you choose each of yours, and I did so because my previous lives had left me too blase. I was too cushioned. I no longer focused with clarity upon the truly spectacular physical delights and experiences that earth can provide. Though I yelled at my children and screamed sometimes in rage against the elements, I was struck through with the magnificence of existence, and learned more about true spirituality than I ever did as a monk. This does not mean that poverty leads to truth, or that suffering is good for the soul. Many who shared those conditions with me learned little. It does mean that each of you choose those life conditions that you have for your own purpose, knowing ahead of time where your weaknesses and strengths lie.” (Roberts, 1972, Chapter 22: Session 589)

On the Horizon

As we live in a world dominated by materialistic, atheist/agnostic forces with “science” as our religion, this “science” will have to show us the way into an Age of Enlightenment 2.0. The physics being  at the forefront of science will inaugurate the change this time. Tomas Campbell estimates a big change coming up in the next 20 years. He, being a physicist himself, proposed experiments which can be done in university laboratories. He predicted the outcome of this experiments which can be falsified/verified as usual. Upon verification the notion of our physical matter reality being a “virtual reality” will be proven, all past paradox of Quantum Physics resolved & this news slowly spread into society which needs decades to make sense out of this findings. The first question will be: Where/ by whom is this “virtual reality” computed and from this point it can lead slowly into the magnificent world of real metaphysics incl. the real power & purpose of souls living the human experience.

Real Metaphysical facts mostly stem from the following sources:

Mediums = Persons channeling higher beings, e. g. through stepping away from their body & letting the spirit inside to talk through the body using the intellect & language (resources from the medium). Or the medium paraphrases what the disembodied soul communicates them standing “beside”. Higher beings coming through are souls who are somehow connected to the medium’s soul and/or to the Earth in general, because they finished this school or similar style of school & know of our difficulties + are connected emotionally to our problems. This can be souls who are still not finished with the Earth-school as well.

Examples of Mediums & teachers I trust:
Varda Hasselmann & The Source
Jane Roberts & Seth
Jamie & Erik
Natalie Gianelli & Dr. Peebles
Rob Gauthier & his Alien Friends

Astral Travellers = Persons who can leave their body by tuning their consciousness outside this physical plane & into the next surrounding plane (the term Astral established itself in the esoteric community) from where this physical plane originates & where we go after we die & from where we incarnate back to this physical plane. On the Astral plane they investigate by visiting different sub-planes & communicating with the residents. Afterwards they make conclusions about the nature of reality. Although all Astral Travelers I know claim that this skill can be learned by everybody – it is still a very hard & delicate skill to learn. It requires a certain intellect, soul age and uncompromising dedication if your soul is not mature enough. Don’t worry – at the end of your earth-cycle, which consists of many lives, this skill of astral-communication will come easily. The fact that the official sciences & 99% of the Earth’s population regard this as nonsense doesn’t help with developing this skill & real metaphysical science in general.

Examples of Astral Travellers & teachers I trust:
Monika Haider
Robert Monroe
Tomas Campbell
Frank Kepple


– a series of audio tapes (free download) recorded & accompanied by Robert Monroe with people during their astral travels. This is legit, historic, awesomely interesting, infinitely underrated material.


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SETH SEARCH ENGINE – Searches through all the volumes of channeled Seth-Material. A little bit like googling through post-reincarnation-cycle wisdom.