Music and Sound-Design for the play “FOSSILIEN”

I worked with a great Theater-Ensemble in Heidelberg, Germany on a Physical-Theater-Play “FOSSILIEN”. I did music & sound-design.
The next shows will be on 29. & 30. November 2019 @ TiKK.
I will probably attend the one on 30. November.
Thanks to Miriam Lemdjadi for the commission. We are looking back already at a couple of years working together.

Sound-Design & Mastering for the Play Reading “Fälle”

Felicitas Braun commissioned me to do atmospheres and mastering for the Play-Reading “Fälle” by Ursula Knoll. I visited the last show yesterday @ WERK-X and I liked it. 🙂

Bootleg of “Ocean of Tears” by Caroline Polachek

Recently I found out about Caroline Polachek. She has a beautiful melody-flow and voice. The way she drifts into higher overtonish octaves is very “Siren”-style. I liked especially her tracks “Door” and “Ocean of Tears” and “Parachute” from her Album “Peng”, 2019.
Simply out of passion I did a bootleg (unofficial remix) of her “Ocean of Tears”. The producer Danny L Harle did already a great job, but I wanted to make the bass line more present & grimy and add some bells, whistles, blops, bangs, transitions, ambient-passage, break beat, IDM-style glitchy drums.
So here you go:

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