Ruxpin’s “Avalon” was originally released in 2003 & is now (April 24, 2018) re-released as a remastered version.
One can definitely hear the age as it sounds like classic “Millennial IDM” or “Melodic IDM” or as I heard Surachai say, describing the late-night “Lullaby IDM”-facebook-posts of his friend Richard Devine quite adequately, “Dad-IDM”. Avalon comes over as well-behaved, the mood is chill with a pinch of mystery, but still “it’s all good – mystery” au contraire to “there’s something wrong mystery”. If you have a bad trip this album can ground you, while IDM-ish beats massage your sore soul. I miss some originality though: the beats are quite straight with occasional swung 32th & the timbres supposedly fresh, coming over a tad stale in 2018, like Ruxpin robbed a Melodic-IDM-Sample-Bank. Back in 2003 it would sound fresher to me, though it wouldn’t blow my mind either. Not all Millennial IDM aged that way. Ruxpin has a “clean” approach to sound design, not mingling it enough to feel the intimate, idiosyncratic touch of the producer. This Clean-IDM-style was absorbed by the commercial advert, movie, game & sound-library scenes during the following decade. Ruxpin lets us closer to himself in the robo-vocoder-vocals sprinkled throughout Avalon & the aforementioned “it’s all good – mystery” – harmony-synth-pads.
Avalon is for those evenings when you have friends over for whom modern IDM would be too much & Ambient would be too elevator. If you want to cozily hang out & talk about everything, without being disturbed by bombastic drama of, say, Arca, Ruxpin’s Avalon is the perfect choice.

This was my first review for igloo.
As I am a musician myself, so the reviews of my peers’ work might be more critical/analytical than from a fan/listener perspective.
I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

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