Real Metaphysics 101


In this text I summarized some of the most important points I learned in my research of Real Metaphysics over the last 10 years. I will add & modify this text with time as this is only a crude & brief summary, a primer. The intricacies are literally infinitely complex. This essay is based on my own experiences & findings/experiences of Mediums/Channelers/Astral Travelers/Spiritual Seekers.
Of course Channelers/Mediums make errors, because they function as a filter through which a higher-dimensionally-focused-source can express itself. The same goes for Astral Travelers. You can only experience & express through yourself, so if you want to come closer to Real Metaphysics you have to change yourself, especially your believe structures, which are hard as a diamond indeed. I tried to circumvent the idiosyncrasies of my sources by extracting the findings reported by more than one source. This is a role of mine which I call “comparative real metaphysics student”aka Young Branch.
“Real Metaphysics” is my term to separate this experience-based-approximation from the field of logically derived speculative approximations of academic philosophers called “Metaphysics”.
Real Metaphysics 101 is an introduction into this field.

This text was written for those like me: Souls in search for Real Metaphysics from early childhood on being fully motivated from inside without any apparent reason. I was already born with this existential questions burning inside me and it took me a looooong time to find the way through the jungle of theories, sciences, philosophies, scams, Ego-games etc.

If you simply don’t believe & refuse to believe in consciousness being a part of the real-existing “higher dimensions” incl. bi-directional communication-skills, the possibility of afterlife etc. you probably already stopped reading by now, lol. But simply believing in something doesn’t make it real, I know, this is not how science works usually... except in this case the very believe is consciousness itself, and blocking it will block any chance of making real first person experiences in this direction.

What is a Soul? What is God/Source?

A Soul is an Individuated Unit Of Consciousness. It is part of the overall multidimensional, heterarchically structured metaphysical existence aka god aka the source aka love. Like everything, a Soul is made from the source’s “flesh”. It has free will. A Soul is on its way to learn/experience the source. Being part of the source means it learns itself, but on the contrary to the source a Soul can not assimilate all this infinite love at once. It is just way too much – that is why it has to do it step by step. So over a course of nearly infinite lives on all kinds of unimaginable physical, un-physical, abstract, WTF-planes/dimensions of existence it learns its way back. A Soul is like a stone thrown far, far away from the source, by the source itself and now this stone embarks upon the journey to find its way back to the source and while doing it, it accumulates a lot of experience/skills & evolves with it to a new, idiosyncratic, original, source (God). That is why many esoteric schools call this process “self-realization”: We are the source which realizes itself on the loooooong jorney back. The details of the Source-Soul-Relationship are not out yet – it can be the case that we are sources already & we thrown ourselves far away from this knowledge in order to experience a journey from the start like some boss, who went incognito into her factory to find out authentically about the working conditions and in order to do it properly it forgot who it is, but this is a speculation as we are in post-real-metaphysical terrain discussing this. There is way too much stuff going on in our close metaphysical neighborhood already. No need to rush. As far as I heard/read even old, experienced Souls living dat true multidimensional live & who seem like Gods to us don’t know what the Source really is = what they really are. Even they are still at the beginning. So while growing & finding our way back our focus of consciousness broadens, so we can process more and more realities/dimensions at the same “time”. Together with this growing possibilities & power, the responsibility for other Souls aka Source-Consciousness-Fractals grows. This is where the topic of the Soul-Age comes in. Here are some attributes of an old Soul: empathy, love, self-reflectiveness/criticism, awareness, generosity, curiosity, fearlessness, ability to hold a strong & stable focus on a certain event/outcome/action no matter the surroundings, ability to change its own believe-system flexibly, metaphysical powers etc. An old Soul exercises all this attributes naturally & not strained at all (not guided by moral theory). It doesn’t need to make an effort to love strangers e.g.... It does it effortlessly. A young Soul lacks in all this areas. Now guess why we collectively fuck up the Earth at the moment. The Soul-Age of the human population is the integral of all Soul-Ages. I have to add quickly, that it is not better or worse to be a young or an old Soul or everything inbetween!! The worth of all Souls is the same. We live in a metaphysical heterarchy after all. Often people misrepresent esoterics/metaphysics being fascist and that is a gross fail. The young, violent, narcisist soul is worth exactly the same as  the Soul of the sweetest, selfless angel. So the Real Metaphysics are actually more tolerant and less fascist than our common morals of the western part of the world.  It’s also not a matter of intelligent or dumb. Many politicians, business-people or people with power in general are very intelligent, but have still quite young souls. Also, the Soul-Age has nothing to do with the Physical-Body-Age. A child may be more mature soul-wise than its parents. This is quite a big one, but even without those facts it is clear that the education systems around the world are flawed. In our ageist system a child has to listen to & respect its parents wishes regarding its life/body  even though the child might know better. There is no such thing as Soul-Age in the atheist society’s common sense. The relationship between children and parents is not symmetrical. What if we would regard children as (possibly) mature souls who have to re-learn the basic stuff first before engaging in their own plans for this life? Instead, at school children are plastered with topics that don’t interest them (+ tonnes of stress). There is no such subject like “find your pre-incarnate skills & current-life-plan”. If a Soul planned to be an artist in this life it first has to struggle through 13 years of maths, when the very basics would be enough (and vice versa). *education rant over*
Where do the Souls come from besides the quite general answer: “The Source”? So far I did not find one simple answer to this. There are “homegrown” souls, who started as minerals on Earth, then progressed incarnating into animals & humans. Other sources say age-0-baby-souls are seeded around every 10.000 years into human bodies. Then there are reports about the “Wanderers” – old souls from other planets/dimensions who don’t necessary need the Earth-School, but came here only to help. With its development-state the Age-Integral transitioning from yound to mature at the moment, the Soul-Collective on Earth sends an automatic “SOS”. The word gets quickly around the Multiverse and some Souls feel compelled to help. Its like you see someone on the street collapsing. The Wanderers take a risk, going also through the Veil of Forgetting (see below) and often get sidetracked, not knowing what their mission here is. They often feel separated & alone, not fitting in while being shocked about how raw and violent people can be on Earth. Those who do not manage to find out about Real Metaphysics are prone to commiting suicide as the last way out of a heavy depression. This of course does not mean all suicides are committed by the Wanderers.
There are many more circumstances of a Soul-Origin & history. Sometimes it is just a curious “Alien” metaphysically passing by, wanting to try it out just one time & then gets suckered into the Earth-School-Reincarnation-Cycle. Naturally this type of Soul would behave extremely strange learning for the very first time how a 3D-Interactive-Earth-Experience really feels/functions. The majority of the Souls on Earth are regular residents having experienced already dozens or hundreds, even thousands of lives on this planet. Yes, even the racist, homophobic douche from the street corner!  You need quite some lives until you even get to the “douche-experience”. ︎

PS: Regarding the terms: Consciousness, Soul, Oversoul – It seems the Oversoul sends a part of itself to do the 3D-Earth-Experience, while also remaining back in Non-Physical-Matter-Reality (from now on “NPMR”). “Soul” can be called the earthly part of the Oversoul focused on this life & “Consciousness” is simply everything, the flesh of the Source.

Love & Fear – Expansion & Contraction

You can feel the basic principle of consciousness’ expansion and contraction in your life on earth. In your joyful, loving moments you are aware of many things around you & you can manage them fast & efficient – everything simply flows effortlessly. Being induced with fear makes you contract inside yourself. Everything seems grey, foggy and closed up (try introspecting yourself during rage or mild depression). Living in fearful desperation there seems to be no way out. In conversations you may stumble in fearful reflections what to say or not to say or how you appear. It is not pleasant to converse with a fearful soul. A creative, fearful soul might then prepare reaction-patterns so it can fall back to them to cover up the sticky-icky fear. To the attentive conversation-partner this patterns can seem suspiciously bright & loud. More of a re-enactment than the real thing. It may seem like a person is not really here with you. So it is different from person to person how much of the soul you really get, how much closer or far away a soul is during a contact. It is a delicate art to spot the soul-status, e.g. a talkative, outgoing, seemingly joyous person can be in reality something quite different than the patterns she/he presents to you. Dependent on the age of a soul (not body!) this patterns may seem very obvious or undetectable. With some experience you can feel if a person’s soul is really here with you or if you get just a little part, that is, you can feel how authentic the person is. In similar vein one can also feel the age of a soul.
There are many kinds of fears, which in turn are many kinds of lessons how to handle love. In extreme cases other souls can suck out your life energy (this is where the “vampire”-myth is coming from). You feel totally drained after just one hour of conversation – even if it was a “friendly” one! In this case you find a possibility to learn how to close yourself off without fear and with respect to yourself and the vampire. On “the other side” in NPMR you can/will meet souls who are much higher developed so if you approach them you feel so humbled & so much love that you can’t stop “crying”. There are many reports of such overwhelming meetings. It feels  like suddenly meeting the love of your life on an overdose of MDMA after missing them for 10 years . So in order to communicate/navigate efficiently & coherently, again, you have to learn how to “close” yourself without fear, like squinting your consciousness/awareness. It comes in handy if you learned that already on earth. Just one tiny earth-lesson-example out of an infinite array. On Earth you often have to deal with a stressful situation – in NPMR you can always move away from it instantly, that is why the Earth is such a powerful school. This, my concentration on contraction/expansion, came out from a side note. Fear itself is more interesting. It stands behind all negative mental energy (all the negative stuff beside bodily pain). We learn here on Earth how to dissolve all this unnecessary fear & the way of the Earth School is to offer many fear inducing circumstances. Fear is not always bold & tacky. It can be very sublime. It can linger in the background very softly letting you live your life happy enough. One way of eliminating fear is by going through your core believes – you might find some useless junk there. Lessons about fear are lessons about love. It also helps if you know the meaning of life & existence. ︎


Brain & Soul

What about this front page news-hammer:
Brain does not generate consciousness, but it reflects it!
It acts as an auto-morphing vessel, like a balloon, a constraint for consciousness-air. If the air changes its form the balloon changes accordingly. A balloon with a big hole can not contain any air – the air flows out, but it is not lost. It goes on existing without the balloon’s constraint. On the other side, If you (de-)form the balloon itself, the air follows its movements. This is an answer to the old Top-Down-Bottom-Up-Problem in Philosophy of Mind. - No, I don’t have an expensive peer-reviewed essay behind an academic paywall to prove this. 
Out of the brain-consciousness-cooperation stems the misconception that the brain produces consciousness (aka Soul-Energy). When a soul wants to incarnate again it chooses the body & the brain (DNA-potential) accordingly to its own Soul-Evolution-Plan guided by the question: What is yet to learn, to experience? This decision is reflected in the chosen brain incl. the hardware problems of this particular brain/body. Sometimes there are some compromises & you just roll with what you get. Now if you had a fucked up childhood this gets reflected in your consciousness and in your brain. The Consciousness-Soul-Energy of the Individuated Unit Of Consciousness (Soul)  is much more powerful than the brain, because it does not rely on the existence of the 3rd dimension and is basically undestructable beyond all dimensions/planes.  That is why one can call the brain a “constraint”, but this very constraint makes the magical 3D-Earth-Experience possible.
If you incarnate on Earth, you gotta play the rules of the Earth’s hardware & Physical-Universe-Logic (laws of physics). That is another reason for the misconception about brains producing consciousness. In Physical-Matter-Reality (from now “PMR”) – hardware (matter) is more prominent than software (consciousness) – especially in our “western culture”.

Body & Soul

I often hear: “It is just a placebo-effect.”. It baffles me everytime how people do not understand this amazing phenomenon and even use this concept to discredit the powers of, e.g. Homeopathy. The mystery of the placebo-effect is something quite natural in Real Metaphysics. Your body reflects your consciousness. Basically that is enough to understand all variations of “placebo”: from not working at all, to full recovery – how strong is the focus of the intent to achieve illness-less again through the “medicament” (placebo)? What is measured in today’s experiments – “the average placebo-effect” – is the effect of  the focus of metaphysically-untrained persons‘ consciousness on body. That’s why it is rather mild on average, but still significant enough for posing an unexplainable mystery for the sciences. You can get a much greater effect with training (of focusing an intent) & understanding how this whole consciousness-thing works. That is also how “magical healing” from alternative healers can occur. Healers, who are “the real deal”, can heal the body of their patient through the focus of their intent (& the intent of the patient through believing in the healer) as it works also inter-body (as everything is consciousness itself), but there are not many out there who can do this & the illness will come back anyway or another will pop up if the patient doesn’t resolve the real issues behind it, that is if an illness has still a purpose in the patient’s life. Now, you might ask: The ill person probably didn’t have any intent to get ill though – what about that “effect of the mind on body”? Your Soul speaks through metaphors, so your body will have a metaphorically, intimately-appropriate illness. E.g. I had throat-problems all my life & all my life I had the feeling I couldn’t speak my mind fully in. My thing is to analyze every situation, person I come in contact with & myself since my consciousness bloomed this life around. Naturally I have a lot to say about everything, yet I do it rarely to people other than the closest ones. Often you’d have to ask me explicitly for information. As an immigrant some situations in my childhood drifted in the direction of speaking & fear & shame; though very slightly and so are my throat problems – nothing too serious. Nowadays I still can’t speak 100% freely out of the angst to hurt someone or get hurt myself. The society is not there yet & I am not strong enough. I think writing this essay & posting it publicly (risking being ridiculed) is a good direction. If you think it really through it is a big pill to swallow. I was going around talking about it, but I don’t do it any more, because it can hurt people if they do not want having anything to do with Real Metaphysics. I do it here, because you came far enough alrady. You may have some friends/relatives who died of a terminal illness. Why did they experienced it? Genes, outside factors… The role of a victim is much easier to take. And people still beat their damn illness even in the last stage, sometimes. So many instances of magical, impossible healings are documented by proper medical docs. Body reflecting consciousness leaves many possibilities open. It might be a complex of unresolved life problems – especially ignoring them is the real problem; a fading will to tackle accumulated problems head on. No target/mission to look towards. By the way all this information can be bad for some people if misunderstanding occurs. I just hope it reaches mature souls. One could panic by overthinking it, having fear of fear, because fear would damage the body & such nonsense. It takes decades until the Soul decides to apply such harsh methods as heavy bodily feedback. Generally the Soul will try many other strategies before a terminal illness, e.g. on a mental level recurring thought-intrusions like “stop x or do y, or change z”, feeling bad mood, fatigue, depression, anger, etc. - this are all clues. Some people simply achieved everything they planned in this live & want to move on, but a suicide would be unnecessary overblown – not honoring your temple: the body, so they choose unconsciously an illness or an accident without being fully aware of this decision, but digging deeper without fear would lead them to this realization. Again: being a victim is easier on your whole family/friends.
“But what about children having cancer? What sick shit are you talking about here?”
I realize that this Body & Soul-point is very controversial for many people and I will come back to it when we get to the good old, uncomfortable Théodicée-question
Generally speaking, some children didn’t want to get old in the first place. That was their plan from the start, planned together with their parents who wanted to experience this deep, incredible loss, while learning how to let go… or not. There are as many reasons as there are all the manifold possibilities of creative interplay between consciousness & body. Being a real victim is much, much, much more rare than generally regarded in all kinds of bad situations. At the same time believing to be a victim of an illness is totally ok and can be very helpful; the absolute right thing to do in this situation. I have nothing against it and it is not the point of this essay to make everyone believe in Real Metaphysics 101 or do x or y as a consequence. I hope it is clear from my concepts themselves  that I am not interested of converting people. If you want to be an atheist/agnostic I fully respect this decision (made by your soul ︎:-P ) and it is probably the best thing to do in exactly your situation/state of consciousness.

The Veil of Forgetting

Earth is a planet where we forget everything metaphysical upon birth. You forget two main circumstances. 1) Your past lives & your plan for this life. 2) Your role & connectedness to the Source. Forgetting all your past lives makes it possible to concentrate on the current one. Your Soul is still your Soul so you bring everything with you to this life in terms of levels of development in all the different areas. Forgetting the connectedness makes all the bad things possible: anger, sadness, fear, lovelessness, therefore many unique lessons become possible, for example learning through polarities. It is one of the main specialities of an interactive Earth-Life-Experience and one of the main reasons why it is quite a bumpy road. Still, most children remember a lot from past lifes. They start forgetting when they grow up. While still knowing nobody asks them and materialism or better: Non-Real-Metaphysicalism eliminates any possibility to communicate with children about this topic - even in religious families (religious ≠ spiritual). And still there are enough children documented being very verbal & explicit about their past life, even in atheist families. There is a whole science branch researching this phenomenon. If you are interested in this topic you can find enough material online. Here, just two examples:


I read lots of autobiographies and sometimes stumble upon accidental real-metaphysical content as usually it shows itself in every life. It seems everyones has one of those stories:

On John Carter’s first visit to the cemetery, when he’d just turned four, he said something to June as she opened the gate that she didn’t understand at first: ‘Moma, my brother Jamie is here.’ She was mystified, but then, as she was looking around, she bent down to read the smallest of all the tombs, one of those heartbreakingly tiny memorials you always know at a glance marks the grave of a young child. The stone was worn on one side, so she couldn’t make out the last number in the birth and death dates, but the first three numbers of both were 177-, and the young Barrett’s Christian name was James. She still didn’t understand, but there it was, and there it is today. Perhaps we were meant to come here. I certainly felt a powerful tug when I first saw the house [near the cemetery] in 1974.”

- Johnny Cash, 1997, 34 f.


As you might have guessed: Death is not the End. It is a re-focusing of your consciousness away from PMR to the adjacent dimension of NPMR. This dimension envelops ours. It is like a parent-dimension (still heterarchical!). Time functions differently over there (see below @ “processing-speed”). The confusion around Near-Death-Experiences & Post-Death-Experience comes along with its very personal, idiosyncratic appearance, but there is a certain logic behind it. Atheists for example experience “nothing” at first, because a believe about Death is, like all believes, consciousness itself! That is why it instantly manifests itself upon Death. If you believe nothing will happen, you will experience metaphorical “nothing” = blackness, void, all senses disabled, but this doesn’t last for long. There are other Souls assisting the newly dead souls & they have their own tricks how to lure you out of this atheist-nothingness-cocoon-state. They do it slowly & carefully as this can be quite a shock for an atheist. They have to infuse an atheist with a believe giving hints & cues, like a teeny-tiny speckle of light, so the newly dead soul opens itself to the “new” surroundings, slowly accustoming – well, not really new as this soul experienced it many times in the past – finally the remembering creeps in. Maybe “remembering” is equal to merging back with the Oversoul, which remained in the NPMR during your Earth-Experience – I am not sure on this one. Either way your “individual I” remains continuously intact. The real, complete dissolvement in consciousness/Source is faaar, faaaar, far away. Before this lay infinite adventures. The Overall-Consciousness-System (Source) is very careful not to intrude into Individuated-Consciousness-Units so you generally don’t get any overpowering change of your consciousness. You have to make all the work yourself. “You create your own reality” is one of the general mottoes of existence on any dimension. And it is much more evident in NPMR. There, manifestation happens fast & direct as it is not buffered by physical matter. You are consciousness swimming in consciousness & your experience will be specified by your consciousness if you want it or not. This is also the real reason why all this esoteric-spiritual “be calm, aware & self-reflective” impetus exists. It’s also the reason for meditation being the core metaphysical exercise on Earth. If you can’t be calm, aware & self-reflective in the NPMR, you will create instantly tons of trash-reality which in turn will disorient you & induce fear, this fear creates instantly even more dark trash reality and down goes the spiral… This is also why the Physical-Matter-Earth-School is an efficient school. Here you learn slowly as everything is buffered by the slow & cumbersome matter. So on Earth, your consciousness creates the reality very slowly, indirectly (ok, I need a “slowly”-synonym). So slow that you often don’t realize its potency in reality-manifestation. With reality-manifestation I mean more than through the body alone (wanting water –> going to the tap), but actually metaphysically arranging probabilities of future events! This type of events will occur seemingly random, “with luck” to the spiritually untrained mind & as “synchronicities” to the more attentive mind. This is where heaven & hell come into play. People who believe in heaven & angels etc. will get heaven & angels – this is how it will appear to them. Higher developed Souls will appear as angels. Hell is where Souls focussing on the negative polarity reside, being trapped in their own Emotional-Thought-Loops. Nobody judges you in NPMR. You direct your consciousness & only you judge yourself. All Hells are very personal, self-inflicted Hell-Loops which the Souls re-live times and times again. Often Souls who were trapped in a negative Emotional-Thought-Loop on Earth don’t even recognize that they are dead. They replicate the circumstances, the whole loop around themselves. As an Astral-Traveler or a disembodied soul you can visit such Souls in their loop and watch them or try to interact with them. This is even an “official” job one can do in NPMR: getting souls out of their negative loops. It’s called “Soul Retrieval”. Quite a tricky task as you can’t just go ahead and say: “Hey, you are trapped in a loop you don’t enjoy. It’s time to change!” The trapped Soul will regard you as a “crazy stranger”. You need a solid, clever strategy & creative manifestation skills to slowly guide someone out of their loop. As a social worker it was part of my job here on Earth to help people who are trapped in negative Emotion-Thought-Loops; to teach how to recognize a loop and get out of it. At the end only a Soul itself can change itself. Nothing can be inflicted. As like attracts like, positively focussed souls & negative focussed souls get together to co-create: Heaven & Hell - the vintage versions or the future high-tech crystal-skyscraper versions, your believe, your taste, your manifestation, your co-creation. Oldschool, Christian believers e.g. will meet in a co-created, oldschool Christian Heaven & Hell with Jesus, Abostles, Angels, Saints, Satan et al. Same goes for every religion or believe-system. The Source loves efficiency. It might sound un-romantic, but it is much more efficient & interesting to let souls develop further & further on their own instead of having lots of chunks of singular-life-experience-information. OK, now I start philosophizing. Lets go back to the facts.

*spoiler alert*

Upon Death you may see your body and the surroundings from outside the body (“Enter the Void” – style) even through walls. This is well documented by many Near-Death-Experience-Reports as well as by Astral-Travelers/Mediums/Channelers. Then, you “travel” aka change the focus of your consciousness  into NPMR and according to your believes a reality as clear as this reality on Earth appears, though more intense due to new, metaphysical senses. Before that you may stumble upon the “Tunnel”. The “light at the end of the tunnel” is also a metaphor, as metaphors are “in reality ;-)” Hyperdimensional Manifestation User Interfaces and I don’t say that lightly. Now you probably can answer yourself why so many see this light at the end of the tunnel. Let me know if I should break it down. I also want to make clear: You will not reside inside a fantasy/imagination/dream world! Objective & subjective realities are melted into one conglomerate (General Consciousness reporting in), but you still retain your beloved individuality. In NPMR the “objective” reality reflects your subjective consciousness instantly while managing to respect all views/manifestations of other souls in co-creation. You won’t be alone for a long time anyway. Your old Soul-Friends and -Family will meet you if it is appropriate for you & assist in healing any Earth-Experience-Trauma and help with the transition / acclimatization / remembering. You can enjoy all the comfy, beautiful & exciting nature & high technology on the other side while “traveling” around, integrating everything you learned in your last life. You also do a main “life review” – looking at your choices thoroughly, their influences on other Souls & different probability-paths, answering the “What could have been if I would have made a different decision?” - to learn from that. Then, based on your development-levels in different areas you decide yourself what to do next. It’s very likely that you will choose to incarnate on Earth again after some leisure time in NPMR to continue your learning-program, to take care of the neglected areas. You will then plan accordingly your next incarnation: where, in which timeline, which gender-relation, which country, which family, which body, which soul-friends to meet, which main dramas to play out together etc. - all this you plan with your soul-family (a group of souls learning together through all lifes). During the time in NPMR you theoretically can also contact your, still living, friends & family in PMR through Channelers/Mediums or dreams. It is also possible to contact them directly: When they are calm & open it is possible to receive/establish a connection during meditation or meditative states. Often your loved ones on Earth will feel your communication like “spontaneous” thought/image/smell – intrusions, the feeling that you are present, while being sure, that they come from their own fantasy/imagination.
Karma is a distorted, religious concept, but there is something similar in this vein in Real Metaphysics: During all your Earth-Lives you make soul-friends & you make mistakes. If you make a very big mistake in PMR, like non-consensual physical & psychical violence & you die sometimes later, in the NPMR you will feel like you have to make things right. You will feel the weight of your wrongdoings. So you will try to plan, possibly together with this other soul, how you could help. Karma “weights” – it is your TO-DO-List. In religion this concept got distorted into judgment & punishment by God (even the atheists are onboard in this misunderstanding, see: “haha, instant karma”). You don’t get any points for doing “good things” either. Only if doing those “good things” is reflecting your actual consciousness (not forcing or pretending with a different agenda than the joy of doing the good things) you get the reward of, yes… being a higher-tuned consciousness (more power & possibilities), but not because you have done “good things”, but because you are this higher consciousness!
See below for more on distortion of Real Metaphysical Concepts by Religions.

He knew he was going to die. In the last few months he told me several times that it wouldn’t be long. ‘You can count my time to live,’he said. ‘Watch out for my little girls when I’m gone, will you?’ - ‘Yeah, I will,’ I replied,‘but what if I’m the first to go? Will you watch over my girls? - ‘No,’ he said. ‘You won’t be the first. I’m going to die soon. It’s just a matter of days now. ’And he was right. We were together in Saskatchewan when he told me that. He died less than two weeks later, when I was at the Disc Jockey Convention in Nashville the night before we were to meet in Stuttgart, Arkansas, and go duck hunting. I didn’t make the trip to Stuttgart; his ended on that road in Texas. Johnny didn’t know just that his death was coming. He also knew it was going to be sudden and violent, and he thought that most likely it would happen on the road – which raises interest­ing questions, to say the least. I don’t have the answers to any of them, but I do believe there’s no chance that he willed his death. There wasn’t any darkness about him.”

- Johnny Cash, 1997, 112.
(by the way, Cash was not into Metaphysics or New Age or even that much into Religion & I especially value experiences, which are not spoiled by pre-existing beliefs regarding them.)

PS 1: All in all, Death is ok and it is not a matter of avoiding it, but embracing it as a celebratory transformation. It will come at the right moment, when you are ready with your To-Dos here on Earth and your Soul decides to close this 3D-life-chaper one more time.
That is why I find it rather funny how the billionaires try everything to extend their life.

Psychoactive Substances & Consciousness

What is the role of psychoactive substances in this picture? This paragraph is more “me theorizing/speculating” as I did not findy much material on this topic by other people and I am in a pretty good position to talk about it.
There are consciousness – expanding & contracting effects. Both can be used appropriately to the situation you are in. With consciousness contracting substances (opiates, benzodiazepines, alcohol, etc.) you can numb your physical (bodily) and psychical (fear) pain. With very mild doses of alcohol you can expand, drinking more then contracts your consciousness. This is why a memory blackout occurs. It is not that you were fully aware, but forgot what happened the next day. Introspect yourself during an evening of heavy alcohol drinking: The consciousness removes itself from the “here & now”, then buried emotions & thoughts start to bubble up, coming into focus, now that you removed the fear/pain-blockage. Sometimes feeling less feels better – this is the addictive part of alcohol. Drinking more, slowly you are becoming an inconsiderate robot – mostly fun to talk to for other inconsiderate robots. Apply this to heavier drugs accordingly. For some limited time hard drugs will make you feel fearless. This complete removing of the sublime fear-slime can feel amazing. Some people find the experience induced by numbing drugs simply boring. Metaphysically speaking by treating fear with drugs you stand still in your development, because you don’t use the situations as learning opportunities – the very reason they are existing! Still here is no moral code of good drugs/bad drugs to be proclaimed. All experiences are worthy, valuable experiences. In hard drugs one can find an effective way to learn about addiction. Or how does it feel to be bodily wrecked & then elated the next moment, times & times again. Lots of interesting, intensive encounters with shame & lies are also to be found here. The Oversoul is neutral: do what you want & handle the consequences/learn. At the other end of the spectrum are psychedelics (Psylocibin-Mushrooms, THC, LSD, MDMA, DMT, etc.). During your trip you get more information, more awareness – it feels larger than life. You experience new things, new powers, get new angles at your whole life & your particular, intimate problems. The problems don’t go away; they get more pronounced! That is why such substances can be used for psychotherapy & at the same time trigger a latent psychosis in a bad set & setting.
DMT (Dimethyltryptamin) is different from all other substances; being at the same time one of the basic, natural building blocks in all life forms on Earth, molecularly more primitive than the rest of the Psychedelics and the most potent psychedelic by many orders of magnitude at the same time - quite some marvelous high-tech. After trying it myself I came to the conclusion that it is not a psychedelic. You get no hallucinations. You don’t have “trippy thoughts” or a stream of creative, visual metaphors. You are as clear & aware as it can get. At the same time you are literally grabbed & transported to the NPMR no matter if you have your eyes opened or closed – if you want it or not (when taking a certain brake-through-dose). After talking to & reading reports from people who don’t consume any psychoactive substances, but do Astral-Traveling the similarities between DMT & Astral-Travels became striking. I located my personal experience to the “in-between level”. You cross this level when you die, but also when you start your Astral-Travel to NPMR. It is the next adjacent level to our PMR. Even though it was “only” the bridge, I won’t even try to describe the visual side of my experience, because it can’t match with our vocabulary made to serve inside PMR. It is so utterly new, mind-blowing & hyper-real, that I almost shit my pants out of fear and excitement (keep in mind that I am an experienced Psychonaut & supposedly nothing is too crazy-wacky for me). I’ll try to give you a hint about the auditory side though as it entails an interesting connection to yogic practice. My strongest DMT-Experience was very loud. At the beginning you hear a very loud buzz-tone getting louder & louder vibrating through your whole body. Before DMT I experienced it during a meditation once: A vibrating areal (“energy-ball”, or -wave) was moving through my body, until the whole body was full of buzzing energy. It feels very strong & heavy, nothing you can wave aside as imagination, similar to an electric shock, but not so “shocking” – pulsating for minutes. I was so excited feeling this, that reflection, then slight irritation/fear crept in and the vibration subsided. Instead I should have kept my consciousness open (keeping the word-labeling by the mind away) & mildly curious without getting too excited in order to proceed further. Very similar experiences were described by Campbell, Monroe & Kepple (see “sources” below), but they proceeded even further without any psychedelic at all. The main, “felt” part of this vibrating energy took place in the low frequency region, a sound I heard somewhere before… – well, isn’t that the origin of the good old “OHM”? So by concentrating on the “OHM” in a yoga-practice you call this vibrations into reality, tuning/focusing on it so to say. It is not just some calming sing-sang for stress-management. On DMT, when the transition is over & you get to the “other side” aka NPMR, additional “music” enters: like 1000 alien voices speaking directly into your ears. Very interesting & complex. I never heard something like this on Earth. This could be “future music” & of course I am incorporating this experiences into my music. I spoke with an Astral Traveler about this & she confirmed the very same experience (without taking any psychoactive substance). She said that it is normal on this transitional level. Another thing was very interesting: The experience was like a learning game. It was very confusing until I managed to calm down, then I could see/enjoy/experience everything efficiently & calmly. This was a reward. As soon as I was getting clear as can be, what I saw frightened me because it was so otherworldly, but literally real. Immediately confusion aka fear entered again, expressed by the DMT-Roller-Coaster-style of manifestation. And again I exercised the delicate “calming muscle” (= steering my focus myself, instead of being at mercy of the surroundings) with success & was overwhelmed again by the clear experience of the NPMR-world. All the time I heard this strange sound-art-alien-music, which gave me feedback accordingly to playing the game. Exactly this problem aka training program is described by Frank Kepple in his collection of posts (see below) & by Thomas Campbell. Both never took any psychoactive substance & were technically minded, intelligent, originally atheist persons reaching the NPMR (astral traveling). Quite interesting, well, even fucking exciting similarities! I think we have here the root of the buddhist/yoga practice. Instead of incorporating the calmness into a capitalist-lifestyle of efficient working or the profane: “be calm & you will be happy” – total control & expansion of your focus/awareness is the main navigation/being – skill in NPMR! That is what you exercise on Earth, because Earth provides a slowed down experience being buffered by matter. I see here a clear intersection between Spirituality, Real Metaphysics, Psychedelic Experience & the Meaning of the Earth-School-Experience aka the motherflipping LIFE itself – the very, holy grail of Philosophy, sadly missed by Academic Philosophy nowadays. Of course it was to be expected that “everything is connected” – the riddle was the “how/why” & it still is. Coming down from my high horse, apparently I barely scratch the surface here. But I scratch something. DMT is being scratched by our earthly Science also (Strassman, R. “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” ) – the amazing thing for me is that it is released in masses when people die & also plays a big role in sleep. I consider it the chronologically last interaction between brain & consciousness, during which the brain reflects the consciousness leaving aka changing the focus to a non-neurochemically-constraint-form.

In this area of “Psychoactive Substances & Consciousness” four hip scenes are operating:
1) Real Metaphysics // Esoteric // Mystic
2) Empirical Science
3) Researchers & Users of Psychoactive Substances (Psychonauts)
4) Shamans

Unfortunately they don’t connect that well with each other.
In the Esoteric Scene drugs are considered unnecessary, at best giving a glimpse of the actual possibilities, but at the end you gotta get rid of those training wheels. At worse those substances are stumbling blocks in the personal consciousness development process. Many realized (enlightened) Yogis proclaim to be high as fuck all the time with zero psychoactives, but being still able to communicate & act coherently.
Empirical Scientists don’t like Mystics & Esoterics, because “it’s all bullshit and not cool, real, proper science, which makes a real change in the real world, discovering how real things work & stuff.” Also they can’t fuck around much with psychedelics because they are bound by the the governmental regulations & laws.
Strangely many Psychonauts are not really into the Real Metaphysics, because they are often brainwashed by Materialism themselves so they will make an attempt to reduce their beautiful experiences to neuro-chemistry or the boring, old “empirical psychology” or “crazy fun”. They have not much knowledge on Real Metaphysics and can’t categorize their experiences properly. If you have a rigid believe-structure the Source can sit on your face & you won’t recognize it.
Shamans are the only ones researching both Psychoactives & Metaphysics, but their concepts & vocabulary are too oldschool to communicate in the 21st century and build a Real Metaphysics Science. Also they tend more to the healing side, instead of understanding/analyzing… & they are pretty damn good at their job.
Because of this circumstances this whole field is pretty abandoned.

PS: DMT is as strong/far out there as a Psychoactive Substance for humans can get. This is the very last frontier. Please be cautious. At the same time, being “on DMT” is the most natural state. One can achieve it without any Psychoactive Substance at all. It is before death and after death. It’s just unnatural to be thrown into this state out of a metaphysically uninformed & untrained, earthly life as a “rather young” soul in mere seconds, because your Ego will literally fight for its life & often people on DMT think they are dying, one guy was even raped by a huge aligator (this is not a joke). Experiencing a DMT-Trip can give you a lot or nothing at all, but confusion and fear. The status of your consciousness-development weights more in this calculation than DMT itself. It is not an “auto-enlightener”. Living Life on Earth and facing your daily problems fully aware is an “auto-enlightener”.

Here are two fun reddit-dmt-nexus-citations of citations about comparison of Psychedelic & Meditation-Consciousness-Evolvement-Practice:

“Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche took LSD on at least one occasion (he was known for breaking precepts) and said that taking LSD in order to reach enlightenment was like trying to take a jet plane from your living room to your kitchen”

- user: michael_dorfman

“Terence Mckenna said in a talk that he gave several years ago that he gave DMT to a high Tibetan monk and the monk said “This is the lesser lights, the lesser lights of the Bardo. You cannot go further into the Bardo and return. This takes you as far as you can go.” The Monk claimed it was a real and authentic experience.”

- users: phoresy / speakeasy

You can learn more about psychoactive substances on the following pages:
EROWID (Documenting the Complex Relationship Between Humans & Psychoactives)
MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

PS 1: I want to mention again that all Astral Travelers referenced here didn’t use any Psychedelics at all, not even recreationally. Also interesting, in some rare cases people are not affected by Psychedelics in the slightest (e.g. Maria Bauermeister, 2011).

- Danny Sugerman, 1989, 361 ff.:
“I did make it to the opening in San Francisco, with a pocket fulla smack and only for the night. I promised Ray, the road manager, and the rest of the crew I’d hook up with them in Dallas, a week and a half down the road. Back in LA, a reporter friend of mine knew someone who was an acupuncturist who claimed he could alleviate the body’s withdrawal symptoms by activating the production of endorphin, that is, the body’s own painkilling ingredient, an opiate a thousand times stronger than morphine that’s secreted by the pituitary gland. When I asked the guy if he was qualified to be sticking needles into my ear and knee he asked me if I were qualified to be sticking them in my arm. I told him I didn’t do that. He looked at me doubtfully and then he told me a rather amazing story. Seems he’d been in jail, convicted for something or other, when he’d begun to meditate. (‘There was nothing else to do,’ he told me.) Apparently he got pretty good at it and it wasn’t long before he started having out-of-body experiences and remembering past lives. He kept his spiritual activities up until one day he came across a past life he’d lived as an ancient Chinese acupuncturist. When he came down from his journey he not only remembered the life but all the knowledge he had accumulated during it. He also discovered his brown hair had turned white, which was true. He showed me his driver’s licence picture where it was still brown. Weird, don’t you think? Anyway, he said he was working on his acupuncturist licence, that he’d already taken the test and passed without any homework preparation, just what he’d remembered via meditation and yoga. He not only looked spiritual with his flowing white beard and hair, he resonated with serenity. I’m a sucker to begin with – Dad always told me I trusted people too easily – so I trusted him completely. The only drag was I had to actually start getting sick before he could treat me. Tiffany and I went out for one last blow-out and when I woke up sick, rather than rolling over and reaching for the mirror, I picked up the phone and called him, which I thought was ultra responsible and committed of me. He came right over with his little black cigar-box like contraption with two black knobs on top and lots of thin black and red wires running out of it, hooking up to long, thin needles at the end. He stuck about fifteen needles into each ear and down in my knees and even two on the side of each elbow. Talk about wired. Then, with the box sitting on my lap he had me turn the knobs very slowly. This created a vibrating sensation not altogether painful, unless you turned them too far too fast (in which case you got vibed to death), but not altogether pleasant either. Theoretically, the vibrations cleaned out my energy ‘meridians’ and got my body producing the endorphins that had been depleted. What happened, he told me, was that when I started taking heroin, my body stopped making its own opiate, or endorphin. The more heroin I took, the less my body was making. That’s why I was getting a resistance. Until finally one day your body is hardly making any endorphin and you’re just taking heroin to feel normal. After you stop taking heroin, it takes your body a while to realize what has happened and start making the juice again. That’s what he was helping it to do. Sort of a pituitary gland jump-start. Within five minutes of the first treatment I was already feeling better. At the end of twenty, at which time he pulled the needles out, I was feeling not only fine, but great. The whole shebang really worked. For about eight hours. Then I felt like I walked off the edge of a cliff. My energy level dropped, my gut felt like I’d been punched out, and I had to run to the bathroom I got diarrhoea so bad. Before I could even get to the phone to call him, he was at the front door. ‘How did you know . . .’ I started to ask him. ‘I knew about this time you’d be ready for another treatment.’ We repeated the procedure and magically all the symptoms disappeared again. Next morning I was sick all over again, and again instead of calling Zola, I called him. This time he brought over a protein drink he’d made specially for me, which almost made me sick all by itself it tasted so bad. He took me for walks through the canyon and we talked about lots of different things. At the end of the fourth day he told me he had to go to Aspen to give some movie star a ‘tune-up’. After he finished up what had to be my last treatment, he said he was worried about me. ‘We should continue for at least another three or four days, ’he told me. ‘Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?’ I told him I was sure, even though I wasn’t, but I wasn’t worried about it either. I felt fine, at the time. And when you’re feeling fine, you don’t realize how horrible it is to be sick. When I tried to pay him he refused my offer. ‘I can’t take your money,’ he told me. ‘Let’s just say we’re even, karmically speaking. You don’t owe me anything.’ I was confused. ‘But you didn’t owe me anything,’ I pointed out. ‘I feel better not taking anything from you. My reward is seeing you well again.’ I’d never met anybody like this, someone who wouldn’t take money when it was offered to them.”

- Danny Sugerman, 1989, 361 ff.

What is Earth’s place inside the metaphysical infinity?

Such physical planes as our Earth are rare in the big picture of overall existence, because it provides the experience of extreme separation from the knowledge that you are an immortal Soul nested in a metaphysical fractal of the Source on the infinitely long way to become a Source themself through experiencing & learning. Earth is highly regarded because this separateness makes it possible to experience very deep positive and especially negative emotions. The Creator/Source/God or a part of it created Earth as an experiment: How far from light can souls survive. How do they do it? What new skills do they develop? This experiment helps the overall evolution of all Consciousness/Source/God/Creator. Our metaphysical neighbors who developed the skills to travel through dimensions of consciousness experience the Earth as “dense”. Souls incarnating on Earth are like metaphysical coal miners. The job is hard & dangerous, but very important to everybody else. It is also a school. Earth-Graduates are also highly regarded in the overall existence and they also recognize each other long after leaving for good & continuing somewhere else. There are nearly infinite physical planes with planets similar to Earth but without the “you are born & forget the metaphysical common sense” – obstacle. Souls embarking on Earth-School-Programme are regarded as courageous & high-flying in general.
Every soul incarnating on the Earth does it 100% voluntary.

Théodicée - or: Why all the bad stuff on Earth?

Because in 99% of the (re-)incarnation-scenarios we are obliged to forget our connectedness to the Source after birth, many nasty things happen. All of the earthly unplanned drama is due to this grand forgetting paired with the low Soul-Age of the respective students. (Planned dramas, even some quiet haaaaarsh stuff, gets played out in consent by all involved souls to enable a certain development – or as a service/help/assistance for development.) So it is only natural to ask why? Why all this depression, hate, drama, killing, hunger, violence, destruction, torture, rape etc. etc. ? Why does the Source-Consciousness allow such bad stuff to happen? Isn’t that horribly unjust & epicly perverse? Many people close this line of thinking with:
“So there can be no loving God/Source. We are born into this evolution-existence-parcel with our soul being a function of body/brain attuned to surroundings, both coming to an end together post mortem.” 
In reality all this Earthly drama ain’t that bad once having finished a particular life aka dying aka transitioning back to home. It is more like a hyper-realistic movie. 
Back to the Theodicy-Question: Even though if it may seem sometimes as a hyper-real-horror-movie – it is still a moving, exciting experience and afterwards no matter how horrible the horror was..... – But, but, but…. little children dying of hunger or violence – how can this be exciting? What sick shit are you talking about? Well, Souls are much less victims than regarded in our society. Souls know of the difficulties lying ahead in their incarnation as they plan these beforehand, but they often underestimate how deep & visceral it will really feel once they’re here – without the metaphysical common sense, totally disconnected from the Source. So sometimes they take on more than they can chew. That doesn’t mean that all this horrible stuff is justified either! One of the main subjects of the Earth-School is polarity. You learn what good/love/Source is through bad experiences with fear as your teacher. That is why we choose Earth. Looked upon from the other side all this horrible stuff is whether good nor bad. It is just experience. Earth is a s´School, more like Pre-School & not an University, that is also another reason for all this mess. It is a hard Elite-Pre-School, where you learn a lot very fast, but mostly the hard way. And you know how children can be… Many young Souls have to learn a lot before getting to the unconditional love-side. Also, many young Souls, because of their egoistic tendencies to rule everything & everybody, make it for other Souls very hard to live a joyful, hunger-free, violence-free life. But then again, after getting to the other side, the life-experience traumas will be healed with the help of our metaphysical guides, family & friends. In the Pre-/Afterlife it is also much harder for the perpetrator than for the victim, because their negative actions reflect their actual Consciousness (-Level) and so they will attract/create the appropriate reality in the Afterlife, which we would usually see from our perspective as some type of “Hell”.
Tied to this is another tricky point to understand:
It is not the good actions that you do that are important, but the intentions behind it. The intentions reflect the current development of your Consciousness/Soul. E. g. if you do Mother-Theresa-style actions, but only for your reputation or your “karma-points” or even for your own development (trying to force it through “good” actions, instead of bein authentic) – it will backfire. Your Soul will try to talk to you through emotions, thoughts, cleverly orchestrated everyday circumstances & finally if you won’t hear through mind or body-illness. In such a case, if you would feel unsatisfied with your life & you ignore it long enough the Soul will reflect that inside your body with metaphorically-appropriate illness. Metaphors are the language of the Oversoul, which in turn is the part of you residing in the metaphysical realm while you have this very convincing physical reality experience. That is why some people will continue to be sick no matter how perfectly you heal them or people will heal miraculously if they start to listen to their Soul & change, no matter how sick the body was (see Anita Moorjani). There are exceptions to everything, but nearly all illnesses & many cases of death are chosen by the Soul aka by you unconscioussly. Now & then there is a real “way-too-soon-death”, because of our messy, industrialized plane & free will of plagued souls, but even most of the tragic deaths are pre-planned. That is why you will often find circumstances around death of your loved ones fitting if you have the capacity to analyze calmly after your mourning. Dates, names, places, times around the death of a loved one – all can be orchestrated by the departed Soul for a last metaphysical wink. Souls of the departed can appear in dreams of their friends exactly at the times of their deaths even though the friends know nothing about the death or deadly circumstances. Of course the science will conjure up the Occam’s Razor, which cuts off swiftly everything the razors operator doesn’t believe in, because, well… that is more straight forward than reconstructing your whole dogmatic believe-structure. …ok, but still, telling a grieving parent the loss was pre-planned doesn’t cut it. That is not how I would go about. Also not 100% of all dramas are pre-planned. At the same time there seems to be a paradox: If a particular life-drama-plan is not in my current consciousness as a conscious decision – I feel as a victim (by myself?) again. Then the power of the self which all spiritual traditions highlight gets undermined. I am sure this paradox can dissolve if we learn more about Real Metaphysics. How does the free will of an individual Soul mingle with the Soul’s plan which in turn was forgotten upon entering the Physical-Matter-Reality?
Another principle makes it easier to understand the Theodicy-Problem: The Overall-Consciousness-System (Source/God) is very careful not to intrude into Individuated-Consciousness-Units so you generally don’t get any overpowering change of your consciousness or circumstances (which most of the time reflect your consciousness & plans for its development). This is why God “leaves everybody alone in misery”. Intervention would undermine the whole existence of the hard training-program of the Earth-School + violate your free will. From time to time it does it anyways, especially in real, pointless victim – situations. There are many reports of magically resolved accidents (without a scratch), regarded as unlikely big pile of crazy luck. In all other situations the Consciousness-System tries to give you indirect hints of how to deal with the problem beforehand.
Having said all that, I am not satisfied with my conclusions on this topic and I think one can not understand it fully while being focused inside the Earth-Experience - all the crazy-bad stuff happening making finally sense in the afterlife is too much to swallow for our Earthly mouths.
The following quotation by Seth (a hyperdimensional “social memory complex” finished with the Earth-School and moved on, channeled through Jane Roberts) explains pretty insightful how “very bad” can indeed be “very good”:  

“I was once a mother with twelve children. Ignorant in terms of education, far from beautiful, particularly in later years, with a wild temper and raucous voice. This was around Jerusalem in the sixth century. The children had many fathers. I did my best to provide for them. My name was Marshaba. We lived wherever we could, squatting in doorways and, finally, all begging. Yet in that existence, physical life had a contrast, a sharpness greater than any I had known. A crust of bread was far more delicious to me than any piece of cake, however well frosted, had ever been in lives before. When my children laughed I was overwhelmed with delight, and despite our privations, each morning was a triumphant surprise that we had not died in our sleep, that we had not succumbed to starvation. I chose that life deliberately, as each of you choose each of yours, and I did so because my previous lives had left me too blase. I was too cushioned. I no longer focused with clarity upon the truly spectacular physical delights and experiences that earth can provide. Though I yelled at my children and screamed sometimes in rage against the elements, I was struck through with the magnificence of existence, and learned more about true spirituality than I ever did as a monk. This does not mean that poverty leads to truth, or that suffering is good for the soul. Many who shared those conditions with me learned little. It does mean that each of you choose those life conditions that you have for your own purpose, knowing ahead of time where your weaknesses and strengths lie.”

- Roberts, 1972, Chapter 22: Session 589

PS 2: I heard a couple of times this interesting detail: in very painful, sudden circumstances of Death, like accidents/torture, our Soul leaves the body a couple of seconds before the painful impact. As the probabilities of your Death are known, there is no need to experience this last horrible pain inside the body and we are free to go. I think that is quite reassuring to know. ︎


Obviously talking about Real Metaphysics I have to comment on the big, oldschool “World Religions”, as they seem to be responsible for the “metaphysical area” at the moment according to the general public concerned. All world religions were started by self-realized, enlightened people. “Self-realized” in the sense of exhausting everything they had to learn on PMR-Earth. After their (very) last departure the disciples converted their living examples into dogmatic, rule-driven often grossly misinterpreted believe systems. Another problem is that all the world religions are old. The metaphorical dramas around the leaders like Christ, Buddha et al. were played out for the old times, in old terms about old problems regarding the old states of development of the souls having physical matter experiences back then. All the leaders were real & the magical wonders they created were real. This powers are intrinsically available to everybody & all this religion-starters told this to everybody, but at the same time you have to be a mature, experienced, old Soul in order to use those inherent powers. The last life in the “Earth School” will be special for everybody of us, but many Souls live it silently – because nowadays you get locked up in Area51 pretty quickly after your on-water-stroll. Not everybody has to create a new religion in the last life or do something obviously BIG. In the very last lives of the Earth-Life-Cycle the transition begins. You will start to see things, like auras or information about life plans of humans around you. You can teleport your mind etc. – all this is theoretically possible now, but you have to have a certain insight how this whole existence works & much determination at the same time expecting nothing, being open to anything, without any believes blocking any possibilities. Transforming your own believe system is hard when you have been programmed in a limiting way by family, society, culture, science etc. You have to be absolutely fearless, relaxed, full of love & at the same time having a still mind & a strong, determined focus. All this you learn during your many lives on Earth. In our timeline many world religions are full of fear, dogma & misinterpretation of Real Metaphysics even though the original, living seed was good & true.
Here is an example: the Caste System in India – Before incarnating nearly every Soul makes a plan according the needs of the Soul-Development for its upcoming life: choosing parents, being rich or poor, living here or there, meeting certain soul-friends who incarnate in the same historical timeline, choosing a historical timeline, occupation, dramas etc. This facts were perverted into:
“You have to stay in your own Caste & people from higher Caste are not allowed even to speak with people from lowest Caste.” (not a citation, I made that up), which is of course total bullshit as it violates the free will & sucks the love out of living together. Jesus was telling us that the church is inside yourself + love yourself & everybody else & this lessons got perverted into an old dude who is the boss living in an absurd gold mansion finally allowing us to use condoms in the 21 century… There are religions which did not got distorted THAT far, like Zen or the general Buddhism or Yoga-Schools (the Meditation-Schools from India, not the western Fitness-Yoga), but even they inherited many misconceptions. Meditating all day in a cave would be detrimental for the Soul-Development of the majority of the Souls. As a teen I wondered about “Nirvana” (okok, I also listened to “Nirvana”) – I wondered asking myself about the Nirvana-concept:
I don’t want to get into the total emptiness – what kind of end-goal is that? Actually Nirvana exists right at the beginning of an Astral Travel Trip. You go into meditation & making your mind still leads you into Nirvana, where you can apply your focus to jump start your Interdimensional Astral Adventures. “Easier said than done” was never more true! Basically you, especially your body, have to fall asleep, while keeping your Consciousness awake & crystal clear. That would lead us to the metaphysical status of Dreams, which are not “just fantasy” or “unconscious processing of daily activities”, but I save it for another time. For a better understanding of the purpose & the style of the dramas played by real-existing, religious masters I present a citation by Seth, who describes Jesus feat. the 12 Disciples aka D12:

“Each of the twelve Disciples represented qualities of personality that belong to one individual, and Christ as you know him represented the inner self. The twelve, therefore, plus Christ as you know him (the one figure composed of the three) represented an individual earthly personality—the inner self—and twelve main characteristics connected with the egotistical self. As Christ was surrounded by the Disciples, so the inner self is surrounded by these physically oriented characteristics, each drawn outward toward daily reality on the one hand, and yet orbiting the inner self. The Disciples, therefore, were given physical reality by the inner self, as all of your earthly characteristics come out of your inner nature. This was a living parable, made flesh among you—a cosmic play worked out for your behalf, couched in terms that you could understand”. Here is an example of one character-metaphor: “Judas, for example, was not a man in your terms. He was—like all the other Disciples—a blessed, created “fragment personality,” formed by the Christ personality. He represented the self-betrayer. He dramatized a portion of each individual’s personality that focuses upon physical reality in a grasping manner, and denies the inner self out of greed”.

- SETH SPEAKS The Eternal Validity of the Soul Chapter Fourteen Session 560, November 23, 1970 page 243 .

Nowadays such a “real, fleshed out parable” would seem antiquated. With all the over-hyped media-sensations people are used to more explicit, bold statements & would miss this rather sublime metaphor. I sometimes hear/read people telling proudly about being an atheist, because religions are responsible for so much bad & overall stupidity in the history. This people mistake the Source-Consciousness (some Religions calling it “God”) with Religions. Just proclaiming “I don’t believe in a God” without any context would mean you don’t believe in existing – throwing the baby out with the sweet babyjesuswater. Not believing in an vengeful, patriarchical, humanized version of the white-bearded old man - God, is a given, it is a no-brainer and we don’t have to talk about it. What I find strange is that those people seem proud of this realization and conclude that ALL Metaphysics is this same bullshit. C’mooon, that is way too lazy! It is really funny, how people think Real Metaphysics has to be easy, leaving it to religiously-brainwashed “Theologists” and not taking it seriously as proper sience.
Our Universe is not a closed up energy-system-bubble floating inside of nothingness (I don’t know what atheists believe precisely, but it tends into the direction of impossibility of direct interconnection between the Inteliigent Infinity (Source) & Soul). It is constantly… Every single, tiniest moment is kept alive - ”online” - by the Source-Consciousness-Energy. The metaphysical, mystical, infinite, creative, love, force. It could delete everything at any moment, but the Source loves us. Our Universe is couched inside it. It is it. By the way: the resolution, the processing speed of our PMR-Simulation called “Universe” is the speed of light! So our Universe at least is discrete – one of many old questions solved.

PS: I have to admit, it makes me angry hearing all my life how smug atheists feel and talk about anything metaphysical. It seems sooo clear to them that the dogmatic Empirical Sciences are the main, intelligent & flawless way to describe Reality. And that everything else is stupid speculation to be left for the silly Religions. I would like to see their eyes, realizing for the first time in the Afterlife that Reality is much more magical than they thought. In this moment, would like to grin at them and give them a big hug.

Metaphor & Imagination – A Hyper-Real User Interface

Let’s get back deeper into Metaphors!
It turns out Metaphors are widely underestimated. They are not simply figures of speech. A Metaphor is a hyper-real principle, meaning it is not only real on 3D-Earth, but actually transcends all dimensions. For example in NPMR you will encounter the “objective world” colored/formed “metaphorically” by your own consciousness – a built-in, automatic consciousness-visualization device, turns also out be a manifestation device by directing/focusing your consciousness. On Earth (PMR) you can use metaphors as an interface to access information you couldn’t otherwise – a metaphysical search engine! To give you an example concrète nr. 1:
Somebody visits you with a request to find out what is wrong with their body – is there any illness present? You imagine this person metaphorically as a white-light-body and ask (focus your intent) the Overall-Consciousness-System to show any illness as black dots. If your intent is precise & clear & your focus strong & you are calm without any thoughts swirling around you will get the correct answer shown to you in your “imagination”, the metaphorical Interface created by you. So it turns out imagination is widely underestimated as well. Imagination can lead you to NPMR. The transition between the good, old “just” imagination and NPMR is seamless. That’s why it will be easy for a metaphysically uninformed to misinterpret any information coming from NPMR as “just my imagination” & thereby blocking the path up to NPMR. Example Nr. 2:
You do your own, visually guided meditation, like “sitting on a bench on a hill in beautiful landscape”. If you concentrate on the details & have a calm mind you will stumble upon “events” you didn’t imagine yourself. Like literally somebody saying something to you in your ear. Now, if you can manage to not be thrown off by fear caused by this sudden & unexpected occurrence of a voice in your head, maybe accompanied by a visual source of this voice coming outside of your imagination, you can zoom in on the source & land in NPMR (which is the same as a DMT-Trip or Afterlife or the “enveloping-parent-dimension to ours” itself). Sounds bollocks? Yeah, I know, I’m serious though. Of course the obvious thing is: Why isn’t it common sense then? So it can’t be true. How was this overlooked? Why does it come out now? How can thousands of super intelligent thinkers & scientists miss this huge thing, the “big stuff”? It might even seem ridiculous. Imagine it like this: Meditating/Channeling or Astral Traveling is like learning how to ride a bike, except this bike is invisible, hidden inside your consciousness & everyone around you is telling you, at least indirectly, that it does not exist! Even if you manage to break through this believe-walls & try it for the first time really openly, you will probably fall down. Would you try it again? Probably not. It will seem senseless & embarrassing entertaining the thoughts that such a hippie-dippy-fairytale-bullshit might work. When I tried some yoga-exercises for the first time I was thinking something like: “Imagining a “Kundalini-Energy-Snake” moving upwards through the “Energy-Chakra-Points” – WTFFF is dat? How can I imagine something I know nothing about? And I am not here for my imagination anyway. I wanted some big magic trips immediately. So I lost interest soon, but I didn’t give up on the topic, researching & reading all the time. And I continued to meditate from time to time without the help of imagination. Now I finally get the link between meditation, imagination & the “big stuff”. You have to pretend first even though it might seem stupid. You can pretend to channel & at first it will feel that the answers are coming from yourself. What a waste of time, haha, but keep at it and you will finally find the rabbit whole if you have enough courage to go through. Last night I was trying to channel before sleep, asking for connection to a Guide then I heard very clearly someone coughing. It was distinctly outside my imagination & outside the physical room/world I was in. It was very funny. As I have “control-issues” (probably caused by proto-shame-avoidance) -  it will be harder to let myself go for a proper connection, that is why the Guide is approaching slowly & with humor. Nowadays I can enter the meditative space & feel it distinctly. It is far from just sitting calmly. It varies from time to time, but generally I go through the following: sitting in something similar to the classic “yoga-meditation-position”, but with a pillow behind my back comfy or simply lying on my back on the bed, then relaxing all my muscles incl. the face-muscles, then I look at my usual, normal train of thought which presents itself. Here I am at a crossroad: following this train of thought into the “normal thoughts – tunnel” which will lead me to where I am all day long or I might get sidetracked by great ideas popping up in this relaxed state (slightly better thought tunnel) or, what I am really aiming at: go down the other road (to my left) aka real meditation aka the bridge between PMR & NPMR. As we are not used to a silent mind it might even seem like an oxymoron: How can I experience (process) anything without the mind? This is where many meditation schools are sloppy. You take the mind with you – you don’t eliminate it, but you leave its everyday-tunnel. It will always linger in the back & that is OK – it even helps later on. To leave the boring old mind-tunnel you have to compensate the void the mind left first or it will enter again. This is the root-raison d'être of Mantras!
You can fill the void with a looping word-constellation in the mind’s own language: the language of words! It took me a while to make this connection, first I found the following technique automatically – it “came” to me: I would talk jibberish in my mind and all normal-word-thoughts were overpowered by it. I filled my mind-buffer with jibberish instead of a Mantra, so I could avoid following my mind into the everyday-thoughts-tunnel. It is a conscious effort & you have to keep it up for seconds/minutes. I manage to keep it up until strange things start to happen to my body or visual/auditory field. Being thrown of this jibberish-horse I need to re-concentrate & try again. Many times I was seduced into the everyday-thoughts-tunnel. If I manage to keep away from it, even for 10-20 quality seconds, I will get to the “hazy phase” aka the fog (described also by Frank Kepple). It’s OK – I don’t really like it there, but sometimes I get stuck in the haze. In the haze I see hazy visuals & audio, often of situations I never been in, sometimes I speak to someone, but upon reflecting what I just said it vanishes. It is similar to a hazy dream, but I know that I am sitting or lying in my bed, meditating. I pop sometimes through the haze like through a bubble & on the other side it is smooth, cool & very crystal clear. There, I feel concentrated/very aware & my mind calm. I could sit in this stage & on the border to the next, “3D Colored Clouds Stage” for one hour without any slight boredom. The next, “3D Colored Cloud – stage” is one of Franks descriptions:

“I’ve often seen whirls of color that look like clouds in the Physical. It feels like being in a thick fog that is whirling around you that is all different colours. Only I cannot actually feel anything like you would feel air resistance on the Physical. I just see them whirling around me.”
- Frank Kepple: All posts compiled. p. 184.

Why did Frank call it 3D Colored Clouds? First I thought about CGI-style Clouds somewhere few meters before me, but meanwhile I realized that what Frank probably meant is like something is passing in the PMR  before your physical eyes. In the beginning I was opening my eyes in excitement, but nobody was there. Additionally it takes up a notch into colors flipping, but not in a distance like looking at visuals, but right in front of you & through you. The colors/hues/brightness flips & turns & twists right inside your eyes, accompanied by ripples of buzzing energy (electricity being the respective 3D-metaphor) going through the whole head & body. This could be the 3D-Clouds Frank described – my Clouds are also colored & 3D and yes, I definitely don’t confuse them with simple afterimages or “just imagination”. I didn’t manage yet to go consistently beyond the Clouds-Stage (besides the “meeting my guides-team” – experience) as their heavy physical presence distracts my focus, automatic reflection kicking in, leading me back into the everyday-thoughts-tunnel. Robert Monroe called this stages, e.g. “Focus 21”  (but that doesn’t mean there are 21 focuses/stages).
Back to the topic: It is a little tragic that children are brought up to underestimate the value & power of imagination. During all this stages one should use imagination as a focus-concentration-helping-metaphor to navigate into NPMR, e.g. the metaphor of “going up” or imagining bright light, love, expansion with a mental focus on “connecting to a guide” helps the guide to connect to you. It is of advantage to express your aim/wish of what you want in NPMR as clearly as possible. Without clear focus you will continue to float in one of the hazy stages. An interface needs to be used – it won’t do it for you. Frank Kepple observed that of course if one does not know what one can do in NPMR one has problems imagining/focusing on it before. It is an important hurdle to overcome & it can be overcome because it is a natural state.
We can choose to experience it.
This tips may sound too easy and obvious, but that is only on the first glance.
To properly execute the one has to learn it like craft.

Some Conclusive Points & Practical Ideas

– The motto of existence is: “You create your own reality.” & it is much more literal/direct/potent than our Earth Collective (society, culture, science, law, politics, common sense, etc.) supposes at the moment.

– Purposeful, consciously directed creation is only possible if you know yourself very well.
At least be honest/sincere/authentic to yourself. Talk to yourself about your fears & your dreams openly.
It is even better if you manage to be authentic to people in general, which is quite hard as you open your “weird core” to possible hostile attacks & fear kicks in. You know the dream-trope of standing naked in front of the class… one can work slowly on overcoming this fear.

– Love yourself. Yes, another New-Age-Trope. It is an intricate art in itself, but here is one guideline: Don’t do what you don’t really want! There are of course many things in life one does not fully enjoy, like earning money to exist in a technocratic society, meeting deadlines, doing  repetitive tasks or helping people in uncomfortable situations, but those things have a purpose & the Soul knows it. Life gives us every day a plethora of possibilities, simply don’t do things, which you don’t really have to do. During a typical day I am still learning to discern plans I want to do vs. plans I have to do vs. plans I simply feel lukewarm about. If I mistake the lukewarm-plans with the have to & want to plans & chose to pursue them I get irritated, drained & angry afterwards. My mood slides downwards. So learning to discern & execute no matter the pressure from outside or inside is one example of “loving yourself”.

– You create already right now & you were creating all along. That’s why your daily life is a metaphor of your consciousness. This is more true the older your Soul is. If your problem is: “not having enough money”, try to live & feel like you have a lot of money. Sounds paradox, yes, but everything, every tiny movement of your consciousness counts as reality-creation, so if your consciousness is focused on the sad fact of having not enough money all the time, you enlarge the possibility of continuing not having enough money. Same goes with everything else. Create reality by affirmation of the desired outcome & not the negation of the un-desired one! Example: An Orthopaedic Specialist working with old people should concentrate on smooth, beautiful joint-movements & not on “fighting a disease”. Because a concentration on “fighting a disease” entails the following:
1. it is a hard fight, so it has to be hard per definition & the patient will make it hard, unconsciously following the Specialist’s implication
2. it gives energy to the disease manifestation, because the creation-principle knows no negation: no disease = disease, because you concentrate on both the “no” and the “disease”, pumping (fear-)energy into its existence. The Overall-Consciousness-System takes every movement of your consciousness seriously! Now, the neurotic type may be trapped in constant paranoia after taking this information seriously. A re-programming of your consciousness guided by Real Metaphysical Theory (RMT︎) entails some pitfalls. That was/is the benevolent core-value of secret societies & master-disciple-relationships: to maneuver around the many pitfalls you need an experienced Guide in PMR who has done it themselves. What I think I missed to tell is that everybody has a Metaphysical Team of Guides. This is another job aka love-service in NPMR: being a Guide for someone during their Earth-Experience. Contact to hyperdimensional Guides is possible in:
- Meditation (ranging from hazy NPMR-movies/irritating clues up to 100% conscious, “full reality”-mode inside NPMR, called “Astral Travel”, which at its core it is not a travel, but simply a re-focusing, as you are always in NPMR – the “Earth Experience” being a learning game in which you focus totally on PMR, while in reality being in NPMR all the time!!)
- Thought/Idea-Intrusions
- Creative Flashes, Dreams, Day-Dreams...
I saw my team in one meditation session very clearly (about 10 mins in, 100% sober, morning). They helped me out of a depression-episode immediately. Direct contact inside PMR by Guides manifesting themselves happens very rarely. Though they can make things disappear, odors appear, fuck around with electronics etc. & of course arrange meeting-possibilities by contacting Guides of other persons on Earth-PMR who may become thereafter key-personalities in your life, known as “fortunate circumstances”, “coincidence”, etc.

– Try to be tolerant to the young, wild, immature, egoistic, dogmatic, intolerant, fearful souls. Everyone has to pass through this ignorant, violent, douche-stages of soul-development. The age of the human body is not important in this regard. There is no need to preach Morals or try to convince/force Morals upon the young souls. It will only provoke anti-movements. The best you can do is to meet such ethically incorrect people patiently with love & understanding. By giving them a living, good example they will change themselves & their Ethics will follow (not the other way around).
My favorite example of such changes through love one can find in the documentary                 “Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America“:
“Daryl Davis is an accomplished musician who was played all over the world. He also has an unusual hobby, particularly for a middle aged black man. When not displaying his musical chops, Daryl likes to meet and befriend members of the Ku Klux Klan. When many of these people eventually leave the Klan with Daryl's support, Daryl keeps their robes and hoods; building his collection piece by piece, story by story, person by person, in hopes of one day opening a museum of the Klan.”

– Earth-Experience is an exciting, real, fleshed out simulation, presenting you with a School of Love by confronting you with many types of fear.

– Pay attention to the feedback of your surroundings (= your daily life). If you don’t feel good, examine why, but don’t dive too deep into mind-loops. Write down the situations. Here you will find the underdeveloped levels of your consciousness. You can be highly developed in one topic & very immature in another. The Earth-Life-Experience shows you where some fear is left. Feeling good is not the end-goal though, but a symptom of the right track. Don’t concentrate on the bad feelings, but don’t deny/ignore them either! They are simply signposts for your Earth-Curriculum.

- Our Mind wants us always to be in the past or in the future, not in the present. It manages this by bringing bad stuff from the past and  worrisome stuff from the future up, conveniently into those moments when you could simply enjoy life.
That is how you spot the Mind’s chatter. Then you can decide to slow down on the Mind-loops,
because now you took one step back. You are not your Mind. The hyperactivity of the Mind is a severe mental illness of the western part of the Earth. 
This is what “mindfulness” practices are mainly about.

– If you want to accelerate your Soul-development & metaphysical skills, try meditating.
Start with 15 minutes/day. Don’t do more than 2 x 30min/day (30 morning, 30 evening).
Do it without expectation, do it joyfully. The actual development takes place in your daily life no matter how boring it might seem. Upon feeling continuously unsatisfied for months consider changing your life. If you think it is impossible, you have a couple of blocking believe-walls installed. Have a go at localizing & reprogramming them.

– If a bad mood is overpowering you for a couple of days, like it happens to me sometimes, consider the purposeful overcoming of this mood a metaphysical weightlifting workout, because it is, which is also the purpose of the Mind. Often the mood is propelled by the chattering Mind, try to shut if off for a couple of seconds (forced, express meditation). There may appear some resistance as the mind will chatter against such moves of yours. Precise, efficient consciousness-navigation is your workout-target. No Pain, No Gain.
Mh, this point is pretty similar to the “Our Mind wants...” point above, but goes more into the direction of the purpose of the Mind.

– Astral Traveling aka the skill of changing your focus of existence is actually the future High Technology. There is no need to build rockets to visit other civilizations.

– By reducing the Entropy of your Consciousness (learning how to be calm, aware & focused on an intent = in full control of your consciousness) you choose the path of LOVE, which is a metaphysical energy also being more “real” than generally supposed.
On this path you will get more “morally correct” automatically without any theorizing or straining yourself. This is natural, effortless LOVE.

I have to talk again about the pitfalls of such a quick introduction into Real Metaphysics.
There is much more to talk about and neglecting some details might be counterproductive.
E.g. when I often talk about “being calm”, one might misunderstand it as “suppressing Emotions” which is not the case at all. All Emotions must be felt and gone through.
Feeling, accepting and letting it go is the way to go with intense Emotions.
There are surely many more misunderstandings to gather in my ramblings.
Feel free to contact me.

The details are not that important.
Merely the fact of the infinite, loving, hyperdimensional, metaphysical, real-magical consciousness-development-adventure and Earth being just one station out of myriad is already quite something to provide existential confidence and hope in such weird & exciting times.
If this text manages to do it for just one Soul, it was worth writing.



On the Horizon

As we live in a world dominated by materialistic, atheist/agnostic forces with “Empirical Science” as our Religion, this “Science” will have to show us the way into an Age of Enlightenment 2.0. The physics being at the forefront of Science will inaugurate the change this time. Tomas Campbell estimates a big change coming up in the next 20 years.
He, being a physicist himself, proposed experiments which can be done in University Labs.
He predicted the outcome of this experiments which can be falsified/verified as usual.
Upon verification the notion of our Physical Matter Reality being a “virtual reality” will be proven, all past paradoxes/problems of Quantum Physics resolved & this news slowly spread into society which needs decades to make sense out of this findings. The first question will be: Where/ by whom is this “virtual reality” computed and from this point it can lead slowly into the magnificent world of Real Metaphysics incl. understanding better the real power & purpose of Souls living the human experience. Below you can watch a video of Tom presenting his proposal for experiments to the general public. For the scientific community Tom wrote an essay describing the experiments making it available for criticism & reproduction by laboratories: “On testing the simulation theory”, 2017. As Tom has not enough money to execute the experiments by himself or the reputation of an University to make it “legit”, please share this essay with any quantum physicist you might know interested in doing this epicly groundbreaking work.
My attempt on passing this essay/experiment to a young Quantum-Physicist PhD through his cousin failed. I think it made the Empirical-Science-believer even mad. He probably thought I am that random smart-arse who thinks he can talk about Quantum-stuff babbling big termini in his stupid armchair. I just wanted him to read the essay and talk with me about it honestly and openly.
My metaphysical/esoteric scene gets rediculed constantly by the self-complacent materialistic Empiricists + basically all “intelligencia” piling in and it took me years to dial down my defensiveness about it (after years getting un-cucked from the regular academics). 
And while the suicide-rate in the richest countries rise and rise the materialistic solution is “big pharma” creating addictions worldwide  and killing millions of people in the process (see: “fentanyl epidemic“).
One  academic theory, a philosophic hypothesis which unknowingly approaches Real Metaphysics became prominent in the last decades: The Simulation Theory.
What this Simulation-Theorists don’t understand, is that:
Yes, our dimension being born & constantly sustained out of the enveloping “parent-dimension” means that this adjacent parent-dimension is the “real” one (or “realer?”) and ours is “just” a simulation... but this conclusion would be the result of Real Metaphysical Ignorance and hierarchical thinking implanted in the common sense of those overpaid Professors discussing The Simulation Theory. Even though the “Simulation Theory” is a step foreward in the vaguely right direction, the word “Simulation” does not make sense here.
What does get “simulated”? All planes/dimensions are unique & real in their own way.
3D does not simulate 4D - why should it? 3D is its own thing with the High Tech from higher planes bleeding slowly through into our inventions, e.g. the primitive technology of internet and smartphones approximate the conditions on higher planes, like constant-telepathic-interconnection, but I would not call that simulating. 3D was not created to simulate 4D.
We have something in 3D, which other dimensions lack: the heavy hardships, the dense emotions, the struggle, the Veil of Forgetting, the slow manifestation of consciousness in its surroundings caused by the buffer of the Physical Matter - all this does not exist in this way on planes beyond.

Mh, I don’t like how this ends.
I wanted to finish warm, cozy maybe even romantic & got whiny at the end instead, lol.
Maybe another gif will do it. 


Real Metaphysical facts mostly stem from the following sources:

Mediums = Persons channeling interdimensional beings, e. g. through stepping away from their body & letting  a consciousness from outside talk through the body using the intellect & language resources from the medium. Higher beings coming through are Souls who are somehow connected to the medium’s Soul and/or to the Earth in general, because they finished this school or similar style of school & know of our difficulties that is why they are connected emphatically to our problems. This can be souls who are still not finished with the Earth-School as well. By helping us, the higher beings learn also and develop further.
Everything is teach/learning, learn/teaching.

Examples of Mediums & teachers I trust:
Varda Hasselmann & The Source
Jane Roberts & Seth
Jamie & Erik
Natalie Gianelli & Dr. Peebles
Paramahansa Yogananda (Kriya Yoga)
Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri (Kriya Yoga)
Lahiri Mahasaya (Kriya Yoga)

Astral Travelers = Persons who can leave their body by tuning their consciousness outside this physical plane (the term Astral established itself in the esoteric community) from where this physical plane originates & where we go after we die & from where we incarnate back to this physical plane. On the Astral plane they investigate by visiting different sub-planes & communicating with the residents. Afterwards they make conclusions about the nature of reality. Although all Astral Travelers I know claim that this skill can be learned by everybody – it is still a very hard & delicate skill to learn. It requires a certain intellect, Soul-Age or uncompromising dedication if your Soul is not mature enough. Don’t worry – at the end of your Earth-Cycle, which consists of many, many lives, this skill of Astral-Communication will come easily. The fact that the official sciences & 99% of the Earth’s population regard this as nonsense doesn’t help with developing this skill & Real Metaphysical Science in general.

I didn’t spell out all the possibilities & implications of Real Metaphysics by far, e.g. you can go out of your body, visit your friends and describe to them afterwards exactly what they did/ where they were with all the peculiar details you’d need to prove to yourself that it is real.
But all Astral Travelers I know agreed that this is one of the most boring uses of these abilities and all moved quickly to the real Astral Traveling through NPMR.

Again: Channeling, Astral-Traveling or “Out of Body” – Experiences, DMT-Trips, Deep Meditation, Near-Death and even Death are all basically the same. It is “just” a directed change in the focus of your Soul aka an Individuated Unit Of Consciousness. One is never really here or there or even traveling. It is always morphing consciousness. I use the expression “Astral Traveling”, because there is a whole scene, a discourse behind it, but you can call it however you want. “Astral” means simply that your consciousness is focused on Non-Physical-Matter-Reality (NPMR), at least the first levels just outside of Physical-Matter-Reality to be precise (there are infinite other levels “past” the Astral). If you are a militant anti-esoteric you can find your own expression for it. 

Examples of Astral Travelers & teachers I trust:
Robert Monroe (An atheist most of his life Robert then stumbled into Astral Traveling     experiences without any apparent reason – he thought first he was going crazy.)
Tomas Campbell (Atheist physicist wanted to try meditation to improve his learning-skills in the 70’s, then, through meditation, he learned Astral Traveling by himself automatically, while continuing working as physicist his whole life.)
Frank Kepple (Remained non-religious & anti-esoteric deep into Astral Traveling, but you can’t run away from Real Metaphysics for too long if you Astral-Travel. Ya diiiiig?) 
Rob Gauthier & his Alien Friends (Meditated obsessively, then started traveling different planets, communicating to his soul-family-member-aliens & channeling them while Astral Traveling. Rob is maybe the “wackiest” on this list. He communicates with literal aliens.)
Matías De Stefano  (Being by far the youngest on this list, Matías represents the next generation of Real Metaphysicians. Matías was born without the Veil of Forgetting and remembers ALL his lives on all planes! With this knowledge he created the deepest audio-visual-workshop on Real Metaphysics I know of, called “Initiation”.  If my 101 was too shallow for you, def. check out this workshop. I seriously think this will be one of the basic teaching-materials in the Real Metaphysics Faculties in future Universities worldwide.)


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EXPLORER TAPES – a series of audio tapes (free download) recorded & accompanied by Robert Monroe with people during their Astral Travels. This is legit, historic, awesomely interesting, infinitely underrated material, but you need dedication to plow through the redundant parts.
SETH – SEARCH ENGINE – Searches through all the volumes of channeled Seth-Material. A little bit like googling through post-reincarnation-cycle wisdom.
RA – THE LAW OF ONE – SEARCH ENGINE – Searches through all the volumes of channeled RA-Material, another metaphysical soul collective residing in NPMR.
MY BIG TOE – Tomas Campbell’s Homepage
GAIA.COM - the netflix of esoteric docus & workshops)
EROWID (Documenting the Complex Relationship Between Humans & Psychoactives)
MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies)





Even if all this goes in the right direction towards what is happening behind the curtains… it just can’t be possible that so many contemporary thinkers simply missed this whole big flashy boat. So it MUST be bullshit, right?
The essay “On Materialism as Science Dogma” explores the undercurrents behind the academic refusal of “Real Metaphysics” aka “Spiritual Science”.
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“On Materialism as Science Dogma

by Neal Grossman, Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago (to appear in Journal of Near Death Studies as “Who’s Afraid of Life After Death?”) (The following essay focuses on the Near Death Experience (NDE) as evidence that science has – – to its detriment — become a dogmatic belief system wedded to reductionist materialism rather than being a neutral, objective method for investigating reality of any sort. One could effectively substitute the three letters “UFO” for “NDE.” The advantage of dealing with NDE is that there is no doubt whatsoever as to the existence of the phenomeon; the interpretation, of course, being another matter.) When researchers ask the question “how can the Near Death Experience be explained”, they tend to make the usual assumption that an acceptable explanation will be in terms of concepts — biological, neurological, psychological — with which they are already familiar. The NDE would then be explained, for example, if it could be shown what brain state, which drugs, or what beliefs on the part of the experiencer, correlates with the NDE. Those who have concluded that the NDE cannot be explained mean that it cannot, or has not yet, been correlated with any physical or psychological condition of the experiencer. I wish to suggest that this approach to explaining the NDE is fundamentally misguided. To my knowledge, no one who has had a NDE feels any need for an explanation in the reductionist sense that researchers are seeking. For the experiencer, the NDE does not need to be explained because it is exactly what it purports to be, which, at a minimum, is the direct experience of consciousness — or minds, or selves, or personal identity — existing independently of the physical body. It is only with respect to our deeply entrenched materialist paradigm that the NDE needs to be explained, or more accurately, explained away. In this paper I will take the position that materialism has been shown to be empirically false; and hence, what does need to be explained is the academic establishment’s collective refusal to examine the evidence and to see it for what it is. The academic establishment is in the same position today as were the cardinals who refused to look through Galileo’s telescope. Why is this the case? Before addressing this question, it is probably incumbent on to me to say a few words about the kind and strength of evidence which refutes materialism. Cook, Greyson, and Stevenson [1] “describe three features of NDE’s — enhanced mentation, the experience of seeing the physical body from a different position in space, and paranormal perception — which (they) believe might provide convergent evidence supporting the survival hypothesis.”[2] They then go on to describe 14 cases which satisfy these criteria. From an epistemological perspective, the third criterion, paranormal perception, is the most important. The materialist can, in principle, give no account of how a person acquires veridical information about events remote from his or her body. Consider, for example, the kind of case where the NDEer accurately reports the conversation occurring in the waiting room while his body is unconscious in the operating room. There is no way for the relevant information, conveyed in sound waves or light waves, to travel from the waiting room, through corridors and up elevators, to reach the sense organs of the unconscious person. Yet the person wakes from the operation with the information. This kind of case — and there are lots of them — shows quite straight-forwardly that there are non-physical ways in which the mind can acquire information. Hence materialism is false. Perhaps the “smoking gun” case is the one described by Michael Sabom in his recent book.[3] In this case, the patient had her NDE while her body temperature was lowered to 60 degrees, and all the blood was drained from her body. “Her electroencephalogram was silent, her brain-stem response was absent, and no blood flowed through her brain.”[4] A brain in this state cannot create any kind of experience. Yet the patient experienced a profound NDE. Those materialists who believe that consciousness is secreted by the brain, or that the brain is necessary for conscious experience to exist, cannot possibly explain, in their own terms, cases such as this. An impartial observer would have to conclude that not all experience is produced by the brain and that therefore, the falsity of materialism has been empirically demonstrated. Thus, what needs to be explained is the abysmal failure of the academic establishment to examine this evidence and to embrace the conclusion: materialism is false, and consciousness can and does exist independently of the body. Moreover, the evidence against materialism comes not only from the NDE, but from other areas of research as well. Both mediumship, which has been extensively investigated since the time of William James, and Stevenson-type cases of children who have verified true memories of past lives, offer an abundance evidence against materialism. The best epistemological analysis of the evidence is given by Robert Almeder. After a lengthy and detailed discussion of Stevenson-type cases, he twits Stevenson for concluding only that “it is rational to believe in reincarnation, given the evidence.”[5] The proper conclusion, according to Almeder, should be “it is irrational not to believe in reincarnation, given the evidence.”[6] I agree with Almeder. Our collective irrationality with respect to the wealth of evidence against materialism manifests in two ways: (i) by ignoring the evidence and (ii) by insisting on overly stringent standard of evidence, which, if adopted, would render any empirical science impossible. The refusal of academics to examine the evidence against materialism is not new. Writing one hundred years ago, William James complains I invite eight of my scientific colleagues to come to my house at their own time, and sit with a medium for whom the evidence already published in our proceedings had been most noteworthy. Although it means at worst the waste of an hour for each, five of them decline the adventure. I then beg the ‘Commission’ connected with the chair of a certain learned psychologist in a neighboring university to examine the same medium, whom Mr. Hodgson and I offer at our own expense to send and leave with them. They also have to be excused from any such entanglement. I advise another psychological friend to look into this case, but he replies that it is useless, for if he should get such results as I report, he would simply believe himself hallucinated….This friend of mine writes ex cathedra on the subject of psychical research, declaring (I need hardly add) that there is nothing in it; …and one of the five colleagues who declined my invitation is widely quoted as an effective critic of our evidence. So runs the world away! [7] More recently, Michael Grosso reports a similar experience in attempting to get colleagues to read anything on the evidence for life after death. The type of person I have in mind will come up with weak, if not irrational, excuses for not reading the book I place in his hand. In one case, the argument ran: “It’s only words on paper; no reason to take any of it seriously.” Another academic said he didn’t have the time. “You mean you can’t find a few hours to read a book that might change your basic outlook on life and death?” I asked. How strange that these intelligent people should be not merely indifferent but resistant to the data. It’s as if there were a conspiracy against this information, a need to make it harmless, irrelevant, or nonexistent. One of my earliest encounters with this kind of academic irrationality occurred over twenty years ago. I was devouring everything on the Near Death Experience I could get my hands on, and eager to share what I was discovering with colleagues. It was unbelievable to me how dismissive they were of the evidence. “Drug induced hallucinations”, “last gasp of a dying brain”, “people see what they want to see” were some of the more commonly used phrases. One conversation in particular caused me to more clearly see the fundamental irrationality of academics with respect to evidence against materialism. I asked: “What about people who accurately report the details of their operation?” “Oh”, came the reply, “they probably just subconsciously heard the conversation in the operating room, and their brain subconsciously transposed the audio information into a visual format”. “Well”, I responded, ‘what about cases where people report veridical perception of events remote from their body?” “Oh, that’s just a coincidence or a lucky guess.” Exasperated, I ask, “What will it take, short of having a Near Death Experience yourself, to convince you that it’s real?” Very non-chalantly, without batting an eye, the response was “even if I were to have a Near Death Experience myself, I would conclude that I was hallucinating, rather than believe that my mind can exist independently of my brain.” He went on to add that Dualism (the philosophical thesis which asserts that mind and matter are independent substances, neither of which can be reduced to the other) is a false theory and that there cannot be evidence for something that’s false. This was a momentous experience for me, because here was an educated, intelligent man telling me that he will not give up materialism, no matter what. Even the evidence of his own experience would not cause him to give up materialism. I realized two things in that moment. First, this experience cured me of any impulse to argue these things with recalcitrant colleagues; it is pointless to argue with someone who tells me that his mind is already made up, and nothing I can say will change it. Second, this experience taught me that it is important to distinguish between (a) materialism as an empirical hypothesis about the nature of the world, which is amenable to evidence one way or the other (this is the hallmark of a scientific hypothesis — that evidence is relevant for its truth or falsity) and (b) materialism as an ideology, or paradigm, about how things “must” be, which is impervious to evidence (this is the hallmark of an unscientific hypothesis — that evidence is not relevant for its truth). My colleague believed in materialism not as a scientific hypothesis which, qua scientific hypothesis might be false, but rather as dogma and ideology which “must” be true, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. For him, materialism is the fundamental paradigm in terms of which everything else is explained, but which is not itself open to doubt. I shall coin the term “fundamaterialist” to refer to those who believe that materialism is a necessary truth, not amenable to empirical evidence. With respect to (a) materialism held as an empirical hypothesis about the world, the evidence against it is overwhelming. With respect to (b) materialism held as an ideology, evidence against it is logically impossible. A complicating factor is that the fundamaterialist typically holds the metabelief that his belief in materialism is not ideological, but empirical. That is, he misclassifies himself under (a), while his behavior clearly falls under (b). The debunker and skeptic believes that he is being “scientific” in ignoring and rejecting the evidence against materialism. He claims that the evidence is weak, that it is not compelling, that it can be easily explained away by the materialist paradigm. But when asked what kind of evidence it would take to convince him that materialism is empirically false, he is, like my colleague, usually at a loss for what to say. If he’s not familiar with the data, he’ll come up with a criterion of evidence which in fact has already been met. When it is pointed out to him that there exist many well-documented cases which satisfy his proposed criterion, he will simply make his criterion more stringent, and at some point he crosses the line between the reasonable demand for scientific evidence and the unreasonable (and unscientific) demand for logical proof. This is not a minor point. Fundamaterialism is so deeply ingrained in the academic establishment that most researchers on the NDE fall prey to it. For, after presenting case after case which would satisfy any reasonable standard of empirical evidence against materialism, even sympathetic researchers almost always deem it necessary to add the disclaimer that their research does not prove that there is life after death. But no scientific hypothesis is ever proven in this sense. Theorems in logic and mathematics can be proved. In science, hypotheses are not proved; rather, empirical evidence renders a given hypothesis more or less probable. There is no such thing as logical, or mathematical certainty in science. The fundamaterialists are correct in that the hypothesis that consciousness exists independently of the body cannot be proven with mathematical certainty. But neither can any other scientific hypothesis, because empirical science deals with evidence, not proof. Evidence never “proves” a hypothesis, it just makes it more probable. And, when evidence for a given hypothesis accumulates to a certain degree, we accept the hypothesis as true. But “true” in this scientific sense never means “proven”; it means very very probable. In science there is always the possibility that a given hypothesis may turn out to be false. The fundamaterialist will not accept the hypothesis of an afterlife until it is “proven” beyond a logical possibility of being false. That is, he is using a concept of proof which belongs in logic and mathematics, not in science. And NDE researchers are playing the fundamaterialist’s game when they utter caveats that their research does not prove the hypothesis of an afterlife. What researches should say, in my opinion, is simply that they have amassed sufficient evidence to render the hypothesis of an afterlife very probable, and the hypothesis of materialism very improbable. In the above paragraphs, I have been using the terms “science” and “scientific” in its epistemological sense. Science is a methodological process of discovering truths about reality. Insofar as science is an objective process of discovery, it is, and must be, metaphysically neutral. Insofar as science is not metaphysically neutral, but instead weds itself to a particular metaphysical theory, such as materialism, it cannot be an objective process for discovery. There is much confusion on this point, because many people equate science with materialist metaphysics, and phenomena which fall outside the scope of such metaphysics, and hence cannot be explained in physical terms, are called “unscientific”. This is a most unfortunate usage of the term. For if souls and spirits are in fact a part of reality, and science is conceived epistemologically as a systematic investigation of reality, then there is no reason why science cannot devise appropriate methods to investigate souls and spirits. But if science is defined in terms of materialist metaphysics, then, if souls and spirits are real, science, thus defined, will not be able to deal with them. But this would be, not because souls and spirits are unreal, but rather because this definition of science (in terms of materialist metaphysics) has semantically excluded nonphysical realities from it scope. Peter Fenwick uses the term “science” in this metaphysical sense when he writes So far we’ve taken a largely scientific, and therefore a rather limited view of the NDE. We’ve been looking at mechanism, and almost everything we have said has been based on the assumption that the NDE takes place in or is constructed by the brain. We’ve confined “mind” to the brain because, scientifically, we have no other option. When the brain dies, the mind dies; the scientific view does not allow for the possibility of a soul, or for any form of personal survival after death. It is only by looking at some non-scientific views that we might find a wider explanation of the NDE….[9] If the term “materialistic” is substituted for “scientific”, then the above passage is an accurate statement with which I have no quarrel. The last sentence becomes “it is only by looking at non- materialistic views that we might find a wider explanation of the NDE….” And this is absolutely correct. Materialism is a woefully inadequate framework in terms of which to understand the NDE. And, I wish to insist, it is science itself, understood epistemologically as a metaphysically neutral method of inquiry, which has discovered the limitations of materialism. After all, the primary researchers in the field are not philosophers or theologians, but well-trained scientists and physicians, who, using standard scientific methodology, have been forced by their data to conclude that materialism cannot be the whole truth. I stress this semantic point about how the word “scientific” should be used in part because the term carries a lot of emotional weight. To be labeled “unscientific” is sufficient for having one’s work or one’s self dismissed and ignored by the academic establishment. And I think this is part of the reason academics are in fact dismissive of the research on the NDE. The reasoning goes something like this: to be scientific is good; to be unscientific is bad. Science = materialism. To believe in souls and spirits, or even to talk about souls and spirits, is to talk about and/or believe in something which is not materialistic. Therefore it is unscientific, which is bad, and hence we shouldn’t waste any time on it. I believe that most of my colleagues think like this. The false premise, upon which the argument hangs, is the equating of science with materialism, an equation so deeply ingrained that it is difficult to root out. But I think even the most die-hard materialist ought to grant the following hypothetical: if souls, etc. are real, that is if non-material objects exist, then it should be possible to study them, to acquire data about them, to construct generalizations and theories about them, etc., which is to say, it should be possible to study them scientifically. Hence science ought to be construed as a method of inquiry only, not as a metaphysical theory which stipulates by definition what there is, and what can or cannot exist. I wish to turn my attention now to the discipline of philosophy. It would seem that, of all the disciplines, philosophy ought to be most interested in, and meticulously study, all the research on the NDE. After all, isn’t philosophy supposed to be concerned with questions of ultimate meaning, of the purpose of life, of the relation between mind and body, of God? NDE research has data which are directly relevant to all of these questions. So how is it possible that philosophy has collectively managed to ignore and even ridicule this research? To those outside of academic philosophy, it may come as a surprise to learn the great majority of academic philosophers are atheists and materialists. While, as I have argued above, they incorrectly use science to support their materialism, they systematically ignore the findings of science [10] which refute their materialism. Since their materialism is not empirically based, I call it fundamaterialism, to make explicit comparison with fundamentalism in religion. Fundamentalism connotes an attitude of certainty towards one’s core belief. Just as the fundamentalist Christian is absolutely certain that the world was created in the manner described by the Bible (fossil evidence notwithstanding [11]), so also the fundamaterialist is absolutely certain that there exists nothing that is not made up of matter (NDE and other evidence notwithstanding). In fact, and this is the crucial point, their respective beliefs have nothing to do with evidence. As my fundamaterialist colleague put it, “there can’t be evidence for something that’s false.” And, more surprisingly, even those philosophers who are not materialists (and their number, I think, is growing) refuse to look at the data. One would think that a Cartesian Dualist, or a Platonist, would eagerly devour the wealth of data which strongly support their point of view. I would like to share a few more personal experiences which highlight some of the attitudes involved. In the late seventies, when the early research on the NDE was just being published, I was involved in team-teaching a course with one of the campus chaplains. Excitedly, I shared what I was learning about the NDE with the chaplain, thinking that he would welcome empirical data which, at the very least, constituted strong prima-facia evidence for much of what he believed in — soul, afterlife, ultimate responsibility for one’s actions, Higher Power, etc. To my astonishment, he was just as dismissive of the evidence as was my fundamaterialist colleague. When I questioned him about why he was so resistant to the data, he said, in effect, that his belief in God, afterlife, etc. is based on faith, and if these things were decidable empirically, there would be no room left for faith, which for him, was the foundation of his religious convictions. I knew then that the NDE was between a rock and a hard place, as far as being taken seriously by the two disciplines, philosophy and theology, which should be the most interested in it. On the one hand, fundamaterialist philosophers believe in the truth of materialism a priori; empirical evidence is not relevant to them, and they are committed to ignoring and/or debunking anything that looks like evidence. On the other hand, theologians and other intellectuals who do believe in an afterlife, tend to base their belief on faith, which they feel would be seriously undermined if empirical evidence were relevant to their beliefs. Moreover, once theology and religion open the door to empirical evidence, then the possibility arises that the evidence may contradict some aspects of what was believed solely on the basis of faith. Indeed, this has already happened. The evidence from the NDE, for example, suggests that God is not vengeful, does not judge us or condemn us, and is not angry at us for our “sins”; there is judgment, to be sure, but the reports appear to be in agreement that all judgment comes from within the individual, not from the Being of Light. It seems, in fact, that all God is capable of giving us is unconditional love. Well, the concept of an all-loving non-judgmental God contradicts and undermines the teachings of many religions, and it is no wonder that the religious fundamentalists are up in arms about the Near Death Experience. One more story: a few years ago, a Plato scholar from England gave a colloquia at my university. Afterwards, I found myself sitting next to him at dinner, and he politely asked me what my interests were in philosophy. I replied that I was interested in examining the various kinds of evidence suggestive of an afterlife.[12] He, assuming falsely that my interest was in debunking the paranormal, proceeded to tell us of a recent lecture he had attended in England. The lecturer, he said (with a slight sneer of contemptuous ridicule which only the British have truly perfected) was a certain neuropsychiatrist who talked about the Near Death Experience, and (with heightened tone of ridicule) actually believed that it was real. Even though I am quite used to the limitations of my metaphysically challenged colleagues, his attitude surprised me. In the first place, here was a Plato scholar, who, like the chaplain, was summarily dismissive of even the possibility that there could be evidence that Plato’s views, the views of the philosopher about whom he is an “expert”, might actually be true. The first recorded NDE is at the end of Book 10 of The Republic, so I would have thought that a Plato scholar would at the very least be curious about it. But even more disturbing to me was his implied reasoning. Whenever I hear that a highly trained scientist has studied some sort of esoteric phenomena, and has come to the conclusion, based on his research, that there is something to it, my curiosity is piqued, and I want to investigate.[13] My reasoning is that, if respectable, well-trained scientists have concluded that there’s something to it, then maybe there is something to it, and I proceed to read what they have to say. But my colleague, the Plato scholar, was reasoning quite differently: if a respectable, well-trained neuropsychiatrist has come to the conclusion that there might be life after death, what this shows is, not that there might be any empirical reason to believe in an afterlife, but rather, that even a rigorous training in neuropsychiatry cannot protect an individual from believing in such foolish absurdities as an afterlife. This is the reasoning of a closed mind. With respect to the question of an afterlife, his mind is already made up; like most academic philosophers, he believes a priori that there is no afterlife, and since there can’t be evidence for something that doesn’t exist, anyone who believes otherwise betrays a mind that has fallen victim to superstition, wishful and fuzzy thinking, irrationality, and so forth. One conclusion I have come to over the years is that both the atheist and the believer, from the fundamaterialist to the fundamentalist, share something in common. In fact, from an epistemological perspective, what they have in common is much more significant than what they disagree about. What they agree about is this: beliefs pertaining to the possible existence of a transcendent reality — God, soul, afterlife, etc. — are based on faith, not fact. If this is true, then there can be no factual evidence which pertains to such beliefs. This metabelief — that beliefs about a transcendent reality cannot be empirically based — is so deeply entrenched in our culture that it has the status of a taboo. The taboo is very democratic in that it allows everyone to believe whatever they want to believe about such matters. This allows the fundamaterialist to feel comfortable in her conviction that reason is on her side, that there is no afterlife, and that those who believe otherwise have fallen prey to the forces of irrationality and wishful thinking. But it also allows the fundamentalist to feel comfortable in his conviction that he has God on his side, and that those who believe otherwise have fallen prey to the forces of satan and evil. Thus, although the fundamentalist and the fundamaterialist are on opposite extremes of the spectrum of possible attitudes towards an afterlife, the extreme positions they hold unites them as “strange bedfellows” in their battles against the possibility that there are matters of fact about the afterlife which empirical research might discover. The very suggestion that empirical research might be relevant to beliefs pertaining to a transcendent reality — that such beliefs are subject to empirical constraint — runs strongly against this taboo, and is hence very threatening to most elements of our culture. So, at the very least, there is a failure of curiosity among the academic establishment with respect to a large body of data suggestive of an afterlife. And if I am right, if, to paraphrase Almeder, it is irrational not to believe in a transcendent reality, given the evidence, then academia is permeated by a widespread and recalcitrant irrationality which blinds it to the findings of science. I think there are three inter-related factors, or causes, which converge to generate the resistance with respect to this issue: (a) resistance to paradigm change, (b) intellectual arrogance, and (c) social taboo. (a) Resistance to paradigm change: Ever since the publication of Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions, the concept of a paradigm has been a familiar, useful, albeit sometimes controversial, tool. The concept of a paradigm helps us considerably in understanding scientific revolutions, when dramatic changes occur involving deep-rooted assumptions about how things are or how things must be. All academics matriculate within the context of a specific discipline which trains its practitioners to think in terms of the currently operating paradigm. Once the operating paradigm has been internalized in the mind of the individual, other, competing paradigms appear wrong and/or foolish. For example, I seem to remember, as a graduate student, spending a pleasant afternoon ridiculing phenomenology, which is a different way of approaching philosophy than the analytic paradigm which is dominant in America. None of us had read any phenomenology, or understood what it was about, yet to us it was meaningless gibberish, foolish French philosophy. Examples, historical and personal, could be multiplied without limit. Indeed professional meetings, both in science and humanities, not infrequently degenerate into mere debunking sessions. It seems there is something very deep in us humans that causes us to dismiss and ridicule any way of thinking which is different from our own. There is a natural resistance to forms of thinking which differs from what was internalized during the educational process. Academic philosophers matriculate within a paradigm which is largely atheistic, materialistic, and reductionistic. There is no God, only material objects and processes exist, and human experience and behavior is to be explicated mechanically in terms of brain states. Books with the terms “mind” or “consciousness” in their title, for example, tend to have as their primary goal the “reduction” of mental and conscious experience to neurophysiology. To one who has internalized this paradigm, this way of approaching things appears to be right, reasonable, objective, and sensible. The paradigm itself is rarely questioned; it is the very water in which the academic philosopher is swimming, which is why it is so difficult for one who is immersed in the paradigm to see it as a paradigm, rather than as the way things “must be”. Someone operating out of a different paradigm appears to be out of touch with reality, irrational, and so forth. So, one of the forces which cause academics to ignore, dismiss, and ridicule the evidence for an afterlife is the force of the paradigm which the individual academic has internalized. The force of a well-entrenched paradigm has, throughout history, always caused scientists and humanists to actively resist both (i) paradigms, theories and hypotheses which are different from their own, as well as (ii) information which runs counter to the general contours of their own paradigm. Indeed, I think the concept of a paradigm partly explains why philosophers are, as a whole, much more resistant to the concept of an afterlife than are scientists. (It is scientists, not philosophers, who are actively engaged in this research). It is because atheism plays a much more central role in the contemporary philosopher’s paradigm than it does in the scientist’s. In today’s academic climate, a physicist could write a book called “God and the New Physics” [14], but not a philosopher. (b) Intellectual arrogance: In addition to the normal kind of resistance with which any paradigm defends itself against change, the atheist paradigm of academia generally, and Philosophy in particular, feels especially threatened by the findings of paranormal research. This is because intellectuals like to regard themselves as the highest manifestation of intelligence on the planet, if not in the Universe. Embracing an evolutionary model according to which consciousness is correlated with brain development, intellectuals regard the human brain as the highest development of evolutionary forces [15], and an educated human brain as the highest of the high. Intellectuals like to feel that they are riding atop the crest of the wave of Evolution. This intellectual smugness is greatly threatened by paranormal research, especially the NDE, the results of which strongly suggest (I am tempted to say “clearly show” instead of “strongly suggest”) that the human intellect is by no means the highest form of intelligence. The Being of Light is Itself often described as infinite intelligence and love; moreover, intermediate between the humans and God there appear to many forms of non-embodied intelligence, greatly superior to our own. And furthermore, NDEers report that they feel themselves to be more alive and intelligent while out of the body than when in the body. NDE research seems to be confirming Plato’s view that the body acts as a damper on the soul’s native intelligence, weighing it down, so to speak, such that the soul is not able to manifest its full intelligence as long as it is embodied in material form. All this is deeply unsettling to us academics. When we were younger, we may have been poor at sports, we may have been frequently teased by other children for being “squares” or “nerds”. But we were smart, and our whole sense of self-worth got tied up in being smart. We were praised by our teachers for getting A’s, and we worked hard to achieve the highest possible academic honors and rewards. It is thus quite natural for us to desire theories which support and justify those qualities which are strongest in us. It is therefore very comforting, although blatantly self- serving, to embrace a paradigm according to which we intellectuals are the most highly evolved beings in the Universe, or at least, on the planet. So to ask us to take seriously current research on the Near Death Experience is to ask us (i) not only to entertain the possibility that the atheist paradigm in terms of which we were raised and educated might be inadequate, (ii) but also that human intelligence, of which we academics are the supreme manifestation, is not only not the highest form of intelligence in Creation, but may very well be among the lowest. No wonder there is so much resistance! (c) Social and cultural taboo: This is the most serious and powerful source of resistance, because it involves not only the university system, but our whole culture, indeed, our whole way of life. Despite avowals to the contrary, we live in a completely atheistic and irreligious culture. To be sure, most people profess a belief in a Higher Power of some sort, and many people attend religious services regularly, but religion, by which I mean religious values, plays no role in shaping the economic and political forces which structure and control our culture. Let me explain: the primary religious value, common to all of the world’s religions, is love. The religions of the world agree that Divine Love is the force which creates and sustains our world, and that our primary purpose while embodied is to grow in our ability to understand and express this love. The world’s religions advocate that we practice compassion and forgiveness towards others, that we treat people as ends in themselves, and that we not value material possessions. The “goodlife”, according to religion, consists, not in the pursuit of wealth, reputation, or power, but rather, in the pursuit of right relationship with the Divine. Now, the values of our culture are diametrically opposed to the values of religion. Success in our culture is measured by wealth, reputation, and power; and the desires which are requisite for obtaining this success are greed and ambition. Religious values have been safely shunted off to at most one hour a week on Sunday morning, where they are completely ineffective in mitigating the forces of greed and ambition which drive our culture economically. The primary religious values of love and compassion play no role in shaping the economic and political life of our culture. Politicians and corporations seek only to win fame and fortune for themselves; they do not value kindness, they do not seek to share their wealth, and most importantly, they, like everyone else in our culture, measure their self worth according to their wealth, status, reputation, etc. No one gets rich by being kind to their competitors; no one gains political office by being loving towards their opponents. Religious values may be paid lip service to, but they are inoperative in our culture. Indeed, they are fundamentally incompatible with the values which do, in fact, drive our culture.[16] The reader can probably already see where I’m going with this. Research on the NDE has yielded the following unambiguous conclusion. NDEers confirm the basic values of the world’s religions. The purpose of life, NDEers agree, is Knowledge and Love. Studies on the transformative effect of the NDE show that the cultural values of wealth, status, material possessions, etc., become much less important, and the perennial religious values of love, caring for others, and acquiring knowledge about the divine ascend to greater importance. That is, the studies show that NDEers not only verbally profess the values of Love and Knowledge, but they tend to operate in accordance with these values, if not entirely, then at least more so than before. As long as religious values are presented as merely religious values, then it is easy for popular culture to ignore them or give them minimal lip-service on Sunday mornings. But if these same religious values are presented as empirically verified scientific facts, then everything changes. If the belief in an afterlife were to be accepted, not on the basis of faith, nor on the basis of speculative theology, but as a well-confirmed scientific hypothesis, then this could not be ignored by our culture. In fact, it would mean the end of our culture in its present form. Consider the following scenario: further research on the NDE confirms in great detail what has already been established, many more cases of verified veridical perceptions while “out of body” are collected and documented, advancing medical technology makes possible many more “smoking gun” cases of the type discussed above, longitudinal studies on NDEers confirm the already observed behavioral changes aligned with their newly acquired (or recently reinforced) spiritual values, and so forth. The studies are replicated in different cultures, with the same results. Eventually, the weight of evidence begins to set in, and scientists are ready to announce to world, if not as fact, then at least as highly confirmed scientific hypotheses: There is an afterlife. Our real identity is not our body, but our mind or consciousness. Although the details of the afterlife are not known, we are reasonably certain that everyone will experience a life-review, in which the individual experiences not only every event and every emotion of his life, but also, the effects his behavior, positive or negative, has had on others. The usual defense mechanisms with which we hide from ourselves our sometimes cruel and less than compassionate behavior towards others seems not to operate during the life review. The purpose of life is Love and Knowledge — to learn as much as possible about both this world and the transcendent world, and to grow in our ability to feel kindness and compassion towards all beings. A consequence of (3) is that it appears to be a great disadvantage to oneself to harm another person, either physically or psychologically, since whatever pain one inflicts on another is experienced as one’s own in the life-review. This scenario is by no means far-fetched. I believe there is already sufficient evidence to present the above propositions as “probable”, or “more likely than not”, based on the evidence. Further studies will only increase the probability. When this happens, the fallout will be revolutionary. When these findings are announced by science, it will become impossible for our culture to do business as usual, either economically, or politically, or in the universities. For our universities, as I have written elsewhere [17], are institutions of our culture, and as such, manifest and perpetuate the values of our culture. It would be interesting to speculate what an economy, or a university, which tries to align itself with the above five empirical hypotheses might look like, but that is a project well beyond the scope of this paper. It is sufficient for our present purposes simply to note that acceptance of the findings of NDE researchers would mark the beginning of the end of a culture whose driving forces have been greed and ambition, and which measures success in terms of material possessions, wealth, reputation, social status, etc. The present culture, therefore, has an enormous vested interest in undermining NDE research, which it does through ignoring, debunking, and otherwise marginalizing the research. More subtly, our culture has created an atmosphere of “taboo”, for want of a better name, around any serious discussions of spirituality. This is why we tend to feel uneasy and awkward in discussing these things with colleagues. We can discuss spirituality in the academy as something that other people believe, but not as something for which there could be empirical evidence and which might be empirically true. Even the former is difficult. I remember attending a conference on Spinoza some years ago. A member of the audience wanted to ask the speaker whether he thought Spinoza was a mystic. But the questioner could not bring himself to utter the word “mystic”. He stuttered and stammered until someone else asked the question for him. The taboo against spirituality is so strong in academic philosophy, that we feel awkward and embarrassed even to say the word “mystic”. And this is why I say that something like a taboo is operating here, something which we have all internalized, and which generates feelings of unease and anxiety whenever spiritually is discussed as something that might be true, rather than merely intellectually, as sociology, history, psychology, or literature. To avoid these feelings of discomfort and anxiety generated by the taboo, academics try to protect themselves by employing the same strategies that everyone uses to avoid anxiety. The first strategy is denial. By paying no attention to the research, by ignoring it and dismissing it a priori, the academic is spared the uncomfortable feelings which would arise from violating the taboo. The second strategy is to debunk, to explain away, and to otherwise marginalize the research, and sometimes even the researchers themselves. I believe I have identified several of the major factors which are involved in academia’s collective refusal to take seriously the results of research into the paranormal. Those disciplines which would be most affected by this research, such as Philosophy and Psychology, are the most resistant to the data, because the data calls into question their most fundamental presuppositions of what a person is and of what life is all about. There is thus much for academics generally, and philosophers and psychologists especially, to fear in this research. I would like to close by telling a little story I heard about C.D.Broad. C.D. Broad was a famous British philosopher who wrote in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. He served as president of the British Society for Psychic Research, and was the last philosopher with an international reputation who believed there was something to it. Towards the end of his life he was asked how he would feel if he found himself still present after his body had died. He replied that he would feel more disappointed than surprised. Not surprised, because his investigations led him to conclude that an afterlife was more likely than not.[18] But why disappointed? His reply was disarmingly honest. He said, in effect, that he had had a good life: that he was comfortable materially, and that he enjoyed admiration and respect from students and colleagues. There is no guarantee that his status, reputation, and comfort would carry over intact into the afterlife. The rules by which success is measured in the afterlife might be quite different from the rules according to which success is measured in this life. And indeed, NDE research suggests that Broad’s fears were well- founded, that “success” by afterlife standards is measured, not in terms of publications, grants, or reputation, but rather by acts of kindness and compassion to others. Perhaps those whose sense of self-worth arises primarily from their status within academia have, as Broad expressed, something to fear from the findings of NDE research.


“Do Any Near-Death Experiences Provide Evidence for Survival of Human Personality after Death?”, Emily Cook, Bruce Greyson and Ian Stevenson, Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol.12, No. 3, p. 377, 1998. Ibid, p 377 Light and Death; Zondervan Publishing House, 1998, chapter 3 Ibid, p.49 Robert Almeder: Death and Personal Survival Ibid: William James: Frederic Myers Service to Psychology, in The Works of William James; Essays in Psychical Research, Harvard, 1986, p.194 Michael Grosso, PhD. Fear of Life after Death in What Survives?, Gary Doore (ed); Tarcher, 1990. (Italics mine) Peter Fenwick, The Truth in the Light, Berkeley Publishing, 1997, p.249 I think it is time to be quite candid about this; there is a tremendous body of research on the paranormal, accumulated since the time of William James, which should properly be called the “findings of science”, because the researchers have been trained scientists who adhered to strict, methodologically scientific rules of evidence. When I say that the findings of science refutes materialism, I am using the term refutes in the standard empirical (not logical or mathematical) sense in which a hypothesis (in this case materialism) is said to be refuted, or falsified, by strong evidence to the contrary. Fundamentalists are just as inventive in explaining away fossil evidence as fundamaterialists –at least those who bother to look at paranormal research –are at explaining away NDE research. One particularly ingenious fundamentalist explanation is that, when God created the world 5000 plus years ago, He created it with fossils and dinosaur bones in place, to make it look as if the world were older, as a sort of test of our faith. The Creationist then challenges the evolutionary scientist to “prove” that God did not in fact create the world in this way. One does not need to be an astute logician to see that the Creationist’s hypothesis is unfalsifiable in principle, hence unscientific, and hence, the evolutionary scientist does not need to show (because it cannot in principle be shown) that God did not Create the world with the fossil evidence in place. The arguments of those fundamaterialists who look at the evidence from paranormal research are just as convoluted, involving unfalsifiable premises, confusing evidence with proof, etc. See Almeder, op. cit., for a more detailed examination of some of the convolutions the fundamaterialist must undergo in order to save his materialism. As an aside, I must say that it has taken me twenty years to gain the courage to be able to reply simply and honestly to questions pertaining to my interests. The taboo against having any interest in the paranormal except for the purpose of debunking it has persisted in academia since the time of William James; and the punishment for violating this taboo is to be ridiculed and marginalized by colleagues. My fear, which has now left me, of being on the receiving end of such ridicule has kept me silent for many years. Everyone desires approval from their peers, and I have nothing but admiration for those researchers whose love for truth gave them the courage to publish their findings despite fears of their colleagues’ disapproval. e.g. William James on mediumship, John Mack on UFO’s, Brian Weiss and Ian Stevenson on reincarnation, etc. Paul Davies Although, it must be noted that intellectuals are not consistent in their application of their own criteria. If species intelligence is to be correlated with brain development, then dolphins and whales must be regarded as the most intelligent life forms on the planet. I do not mean only the corporate and political culture, but popular culture as well. Consider, for example the value of forgiveness, common to all religions. In what per cent of our movies is the protagonist a hero because he has successfully applied this value and has forgiven his enemies? Compare this with the percentage of movies in which the protagonist is a hero because he successfully applied the opposite value of vengeance and destroyed his enemies. See my Context & Content in Academia; Parts 1 and 2, as yet unpublished. C. D. Broad reached this conclusion based on studies of mediums and apparitions. The evidence available today, through NDE research and Stevenson-type cases, is even more compelling.”

*end of essay “On Materialism as Science Dogma” by Neal Grossman*

This is why I didn’t write my M.A.-Thesis on this whole topic. To find a Professor for my music-philosophy thesis was hard enough already. Kind of ironic: in order to find answers on the very basic questions of existence (the very core of “Philosophy” itself!) I studied Philosophy at Universities, but the answers came from outside of academic Philosophy & I could not even write my thesis about those answers. HAHAhAhaha ha….  ︎

Wow, you are still here, still reading my unhumble musings, well… thank you very much!
Between us, I can share even more kinky metaphysical details from under the skirt of reality.
Just look at this fine summery of Frank Kepple’s “Astral-Traveling-Research”,
by Douglas Eckhart:

*here, once again a metaphysical spoiler alert & I really mean it!  *


1) The Wider Reality: An overview of Frank’s model

More traditional mystical approaches tend to refer to all the ‘astral worlds’, ‘planes’ and the like, that are meant to exist beyond our physical world. The reality is that all these other ‘planes/worlds’, including the physical, are in fact part and parcel of one entire spectrum of consciousness, intertwined. I call the totality of our consciousness, when everything is included together, as the Wider Reality. As we are primarily focused on the physical world, we only really perceive the physical. This leads us to think that the rest of the Wider Reality is somewhere else. This is incorrect. The Wider Reality is in fact ALL here, the crucial factor is that we have chosen to focus our awareness into a specific area of that entire spectrum of consciousness for the purpose of gathering experience.

Now, the Wider Reality is apportioned into 4 Primary Areas that I label Focus 1 to Focus 4 inclusive. You can call them what you like. The actual label you place is irrelevant. For ease of understanding, however, we need to call them something simple and logical.

Right, so consciousness is apportioned into 4 areas. Someone asked me recently if there was anything beyond Focus 4, i.e. a Focus 5 or such like. The answer is, to my knowledge, within our particular system there are just 4 Primary areas. But consciousness doesn’t end there. Consciousness is infinite. There may well be an infinite number of other systems either like ours or perhaps wildly different. But let’s just concentrate on the structure of our particular system and get people projecting properly with that first.

Our system can be divided into Focus 1, Focus 2, Focus 3, and Focus 4. Together they form the totality of our Consciousness Continuum, or all that is (at least in our system). Each of us has our very own Consciousness Continuum that exists across these four areas.

Okay, so here’s one of the most important aspects you MUST understand: When I say there are 4 Primary Areas in our Wider Reality, I want you to fully realise beyond any doubt that these areas are NOT places! They are FOCUSES OF ATTENTION along your very own ‘Consciousness Continuum’.

Monroe was a pioneer in this and he was the very first person, to my knowledge, who realised that these areas were actually focuses of attention and not places. Hence the term “focus” in the focus numbers that Monroe talks about such as Focus 10, Focus 21, etc. Why “focus”? You might ask. Well, that is the reason.

Now, our Wider Reality is apportioned into 4 Primary Areas and each person has what is called their Primary Focus. Anyone reading this within the physical (Focus 1) has their Primary Focus set to the physical. When we project, our Primary Focus does not change. We may shift our focus of attention, but our Primary Focus remains Focus 1. Think of your Primary Focus as your “home focus” if you like. Say you visit a friend at another address. For the duration of your visit, the address of your friend’s location has become the address of your location also. But that’s only for the duration of your visit. Your home address remains the same. It’s just that you’ve changed address temporarily. And that’s what we do when we project. Our Primary Focus remains the same, but we temporarily shift our focus of attention to another area of our consciousness continuum.

Throughout the time we are alive and kicking within the physical, our Primary Focus is Focus 1. Now, when a person dies, what we objectively view as “death” is an objective representation or translation of the person switching their Primary Focus from Focus 1 to Focus 3 of consciousness. You see, when you switch your Primary Focus, all subjective interaction with your physical body is stopped. In other words, the physical shell stops functioning as you shed it and go to live within Focus 3. This area is known as the Transition Area for various reasons.

Now, I just want to say again, that all this is not some weird and whacky theory I happened to dream up one day. What I am saying to you is how it is, as far as I can tell. Everything I am putting across to you I have experienced first hand. With a little effort and a little practice on your part, you can experience it too. Ignore those that claim you have to reach a particular “level” of “incarnation” before you can access the “higher” areas. We actually occupy ALL of consciousness ALREADY. Every one of us has the EXACT SAME subjective structure! There is no such thing as any one person being more advanced than any other. In fact, the people who have the hardest or most difficult time in Transition, tend to be the highly religious and deeply spiritual types. They just get bogged down in their own belief constructs and end up trudging through the Astral Mud, as I call it.

One of the great benefits of knowing how the Wider Reality is organised is when you die, you know exactly where you are and exactly what to do. Rather than end up floundering in the dark not knowing anything. But there are many other benefits you can gain from this too while you are alive.

Now, there are 4 Primary Areas and your current Primary Focus is Focus 1.

I want you to also think of these Primary Areas as being intertwined with each other. They are not strung out in a big long line. They are all continually intertwined and connected. Remember they are NOT places. For example, in the physical you may be in one town, then you travel down the road to the next town. These areas are NOT like that. They are all intermeshed and intertwined with one another. Because of this, it is perfectly possible to objectively experience 2 or more Primary Areas at once simply by tuning your focus of attention. You do NOT have to “travel” anywhere. Within the physical, we have Time, Space and Distance to contend with. But once you “step outside” the physical there is no Time, so there is no Space or Distance either. But that’s not to say you do not perceive the idea of Space and Distance coupled with a semblance of Time passing. But these notions are mere legacies from having lived within the physical world and have no bearing in fact.

Many people ask me how I travel from one area to the next. I don’t, because there is no Space to travel through. I used to have difficulty in navigating the Wider Reality. Then, one day, the penny dropped. The difficulties I was having were not because navigation is difficult. My difficulties were coming about through my failing to realise just how easy it was. I was trying to travel from point a to point b as in the physical. In other words I was trying to travel through Space over a Distance and there is no such thing. Everything within the Wider Reality is contained within the same point. So if you are at one place, you are at all places at the same time. Because there is no Space. That is why I say we each occupy all of consciousness already. The only difference is in your objective perception of your surroundings in terms of where, along your consciousness continuum, you are focusing your attention. And that comes right back to what I was saying on the outset: these areas are NOT places, they are focuses of attention.

Are you beginning to see now why these areas are NOT places?


So we all know Focus 1 of consciousness. It is the physical. Focus 1 incorporates what I call the Wider Physical. This would include the region some call the real-time-zone or RTZ. Personally, I dislike using the term real-time-zone as there is no such thing as “real” time and it is not a “zone”. But, then again, I look at this with a scientific air and, in science, you have to be congruent as to the terms you use and get your definitions in order.

To be honest, I can’t see the point of projecting into the RTZ (or the Wider Physical). Apart from the novelty value, there isn’t much you can do and it would appear a LOT of effort for very little return. Because of that we will start with Focus 2 of consciousness.


Focus 2 of consciousness is what is commonly known by psychologists, as your “sub conscious” but there is nothing “sub” about it. Focus 2 is where most people do their dreaming, lucid dreaming, their “astral projecting”, their meeting up with all manner of demons and devils, etc. Focus 2 of consciousness contains all manner of personal faculties such as your memory and your imagination. Without Focus 2 of consciousness we simply wouldn’t be able to think rationally or create anything within the physical. It holds all our belief constructs that we happen to subscribe to. And it is this latter point that is rather interesting. You can actually project within Focus 2 of consciousness and objectively view representations of your very own belief constructs that you hold. However, taking on board the fact that people typically think that this area of consciousness (to them the Astral) is a separate place, the Astral will actually become whatever you believe it is! This simple fact, unbelievably, has been the source of thousands of years of confusion as regards the wider reality.

The problem has been simply that mystics have always thought they were projecting to some place outside of themselves. Yet what you are actually viewing, within Focus 2 of consciousness, are the objective representations of your very own belief constructs. So if you actually believe the Astral is packed full of demons and devils… then demons and devils you shall perceive. Because what you are actually viewing are the objective representations of your own beliefs. People have the idea that “the Astral” is a weird and magical place where you get all manner of Alice in Wonderland effects such as your thoughts coming to life. Many mystics just accept this as a given and lead people into thinking they could possibly meet up with all manner of doom, gloom and danger.

But do these people ever stop to think, even for a moment WHY their thoughts come to life? WHY there is such a thing as an Alice in Wonderland effect?

It is only when you look at the situation from the point of view of a scientist trying to objectively make sense of it all that you realise the simple reason of why this effect comes about. For almost 5 years I battled with this question. I fought all manner of demons and devils and slayed dragons galore. Then, one day, the penny dropped. I realised that thought equals action. That was it! I was in a place where thought equals action. I remember the time distinctly even to this day around 18 years later. But it was only much later when I realised precisely WHY thoughts equalled action in this weird and wonderful kind of place called the Astral… WHY did thought equal action? Simple! It was because I was projecting into my own mind. In other words, I was offering myself the objective knowing of my very own internal subjective actions!

This simple realisation led me on an amazing voyage of discovery through my very own mind. It was truly fascinating as I learnt to know myself from the inside out, so to speak. Wow, if I had a problem, I could now step right into myself and find a likely solution. Plus, it was from this realisation that I got to know about the way the subjective and the objective translates both in terms of awareness and in terms of energy. This latter discovery has since helped me to make some very profound realisations about the Wider Reality.


Focus 3 is even more interesting: This area of consciousness is a collective term that incorporates all of Monroe’s Focus 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 areas. This region features all the ‘Hollow Hells’, ‘Hollow Heavens’ and everything in-between. Monroe’s Focus 27 represents the ‘upper level’ of my Focus 3. Focus 3 is where we all go when we ‘die’ i.e. after physical death our primary focus switches from Focus 1 to Focus 3. Focus 3 is also known as the Transition Area, for reasons which will be explained in due course.

Focus 3 is what I call a ‘common area’ of our Consciousness Continuum. This means that unlike Focus 2, which is ours alone and can only be experienced by ourselves, our Focus 3 area of consciousness intertwines with everyone else’s; we can all share in each other’s Focus 3 areas of consciousness and interact with each other. As you step into Focus 3 then you will find that it is much like the physical is. Here you can meet people in a totally objective sense exactly as you can while physical. Within this region it is obvious these people are not merely creations of your own imagination. It is as obvious as it is apparent that other people are not merely creations of your imagination within the physical.

There are billions of people on the mid to upper branches all interacting with each other in an objective sense, just as we all do within the physical. The upper branches of Focus 3 are VERY physical-world like indeed, even better in fact on the top-most branches. In my mind I call it the supra physical, sort of like the physical on steroids! In Focus 3 you will find an almost infinite variety of different environments that people have created for themselves to live in, either knowingly or unknowingly. Many of these environments are wonderful and beautiful, some are boring and others are horrific. When people create objects and environments in Focus 3, these things remain until removed, so it is possible to turn up at a location long forgotten about by its creator. It may even have other people hanging about in it! You could even stick around here and add your own touches if you like! Creating things in Focus 3 is slightly tricky as it involves the subjective creation process but with practice you can get the hang of it.

Note: One of the most fundamental rules of the Wider Reality that you must take on board is the rule of ‘Like attracts Like’.

This is important in order to understand the myriad ‘worlds’ of Focus 3: After physical ‘death’, people with similar beliefs and values will tend to gravitate towards the environments in Focus 3 populated by those of similar beliefs (their collective beliefs created these areas). Furthermore, they will tend to stay there until they have a fundamental shift in beliefs and/or values, at which point they will move on to ‘higher’ regions of Focus 3 where people are more free thinking. These ‘upper areas’ of Focus 3, where people are happily free of dogmatic beliefs, are the regions labelled Focus 27 by Monroe. The number of environments in these upper reaches of Focus 3 is huge but here you will find many of the environments described by Monroe, such as ‘The Park’, the ‘Life Review Centre’ and so on.

Just to clarify: Focus 3 is HUGE! So say I have had experience with 2 thousand people on the lower branches, as I call them, of the Focus 3 tree. This 2 thousand may account for 10% of people (highly unlikely!), 1%, or 0.0000000000001% (perhaps looking more likely). I really have no way of knowing at this stage. There is so much to explore here!


Focus 4 is the real mind blow! This is the ‘top end’ of our Continuum of Consciousness. It is pure subjective energy. When we engage with Focus 4 we become our ‘Wider Selves’. This is the end goal of Focus 3. This is why Focus 3 is also called the Transition Area. Focus 3 allows us to prepare (at our own pace, be it centuries or thousands of years in some cases) for our eventual primary switch to Focus 4.

Primary Focus 4 of consciousness is the subjective source of all the actions in consciousness. You see, the energy for our actions has to come from somewhere. We don’t just create something from nothing. An idea, for example, is an action in consciousness. It is energy with a particular direction, you could say. Now that energetic action had to be sourced from somewhere, in the sense that the raw energy didn’t just come from nowhere.

When we look at ourselves in terms of energy, what we are is essentially a human energetic transducer that converts raw subjective energy into objective becoming of all manner of description. When we project within subjective reality, each of us typically places ourselves in the position or anticipation of facing objects. But when you enter Primary Focus 4, you cast off all notions of “things” and begin merging with the underlying subjective energy. That same energy, down the line, as it were, will ultimately split off here and there (again all in a manner of speaking) and create a “thing”. That thing could be a soccer ball, a human being, a house, a plant, a giraffe, or whatever.

Now, in merging with energy, I do NOT mean you are merging into a vast pool of nothingness. On the contrary, typically, you are merging with a specific action of energy. I suppose you could say, in a very broad sense (and only in a very broad sense) you are merging with a “thing” but a thing in terms of its conceptualisation, or it’s source in other words. And that source of all that is within our system is Primary Focus 4 of consciousness.

So, ultimately, all “things” can be traced to an action in energy, the ultimate source of which is Primary Focus 4. So you could say that Primary Focus 4 is the area of the action of the thought before it is created. But again, only in a manner of speaking because, from the Primary Focus 4 standpoint, there is no before. All simply is. The concept of “before” comes into it as the action is engaged further “down the line” as it were.

I freely admit that I (for one) do not have the full answers. I will not get them until I can take in the full picture of Focus 4 of consciousness. I am not even sure whether it is actually possible for a physically focused individual to take in that full picture. Focus 2 and Focus 3 are easy by comparison, as they are so “earth like” or “human like” and people have usually just made something up for the rest. In the olden days they called it “god” in significance of all they couldn’t explain. But technology moves on, our understanding widens, and this topic is no different. Today we are attempting to broaden our understanding and pave the way for the new paradigm. So here we are calling it Focus 4 of consciousness. An area in consciousness that we can now learn to experience for ourselves (with a little effort in the right direction, of course).

Now, anything involving Focus 4 of consciousness is completely mind blowing, and I do not say this lightly. It is an area I have not been able to “explore” as fully as I would like. It is my current challenge, you could say.

The BIG difficulty with Focus 4 is that it’s an area of fully subjective reality. There is no notion of Time, so in turn there is no notion of Space either. Focus 4 occupies no Space at all and yet it encompasses the other areas, namely, Focus 1, 2 and 3. So our whole physical universe (and all the other universes besides, but let’s put them aside for a moment) is encompassed by Focus 4. Yet “outside” of Focus 4 there is nothing because Focus 4 encompasses all that is within our system. Focus 4 occupies no space, yet it encompasses our whole physical universe. Okay, so that’s the first hurdle. Problem is, to us, if something occupies no space then it cannot possibly exist. Reason being we are so attached to “things”.

Second hurdle: to understand Focus 4 it is necessary to take on board an understanding of infinity. This latter aspect is perhaps the most mind-blowing of all. Because, in infinity, everything happens an infinite number of times. Which means everything that has or will come about, has already happened.

From our somewhat limited linear-time perspective, we may consider a life began, it ended, and it began again. But from the perspective of Focus 4, nothing has begun and nothing has ended. All simply IS. The whole notion of beginning and end is a physical construct. The good news about all this of course is that there is no true end and there is no ‘death’. There is only ever expanding consciousness. When you actually step within Focus 4 and experience it for yourself, all begins falling into place. Well, that is what is steadily happening to me and I cannot be the only person in the world today who has stepped into Focus 4 of consciousness. I realise this kind of thing is quite rare and, hopefully, it will start to become more common as people begin duplicating my work.

2) How Frank’s model correlates with Robert Monroe’s

I have built upon the pioneering work of highly regarded astral explorer and author Robert A Monroe. My own experiences equate with those of Monroe in many key areas but as with any kind of ongoing research, I found that I soon had to modify Monroe’s findings in order to take account of my own research and personal experience.

So how does my model equate with Monroe’s? Well, in most ways they sit very well together. My model can best be viewed as a simplified version of Monroe’s, but with additional features which are due to discoveries made by me during the course of my explorations.

For those familiar with Monroe’s system of labels, here is a basic comparison as far as possible:

Monroe’s Focus C1 = my Focus 1 Monroe Focus 3, 10, 12, 15 & 21 = my Focus 2 Monroe Focus 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27 = my Focus 3 Here the comparison ends, as my Focus 4 has no Monroe counterpart.

More on Monroe’s FOCUS 21 state:

Those familiar with Monroe’s model will be aware of the Focus 21 state. This state is also known by many astral explorers as the ‘3D Blackness’ state. You know when you arrive at this state as the black field of vision in front of you becomes completely 3D and you find yourself floating freely within it, rather than just observing it in a 2D fashion. As you can see, it lies right at the top end of my Focus 2 and it borders on Focus 3. The 3D Blackness state, or Monroe’s F21 is what can best be described as a bridge state. This state can be viewed as the point at which your individual mind meets the wider astral, i.e. the state where your individual Consciousness Continuum (FOCUS 2) meets the ‘common area’ of your Consciousness Continuum (FOCUS 3). It is the jumping off point for all adventures in Focus 3, or the Astral Proper as some people call it.

I decided to use the label ‘Focus Z’ (as in Zero) to describe this state as it is unique in the Wider Reality and seems to deserve a label of its very own.

During the phasing process, people will pass through this state on their way to F3, but many people are unaware of it as they tend to flash through it so quickly. This is a shame since the FZ state is quite awesome in its own right. You can simply relax and float peacefully through the black void, just chilling out. Another thing you can do is to call forth any piece of music you care to think of and you will hear it all around you in glorious surround sound! You can also form ‘astral windows’ in this state, which will display any particular scene you care to think of in glorious high definition! You can use this as a jumping off point into F3 if you like: all you need to do is will yourself to step into the scene and there you go. There is likely to be plenty more to discover about the FZ state and further exploration is warranted.

3) In depth: Focus 1

As stated in the summery, Focus 1, labelled by Robert Monroe as C1, is what we usually refer to as the physical or material world. For the duration of our physical lives, our Primary Focus remains Focus 1 (F1). Anyone reading this within the physical (Focus 1) has their Primary Focus set to the physical. When we project, our Primary Focus does not change. We may shift our focus of attention, but our Primary Focus remains Focus 1. This means that it takes a bit of effort to temporarily shift our focus of awareness to other focuses, like F2 or F3 (or F4 if you are really ambitious!). After physical death our Primary Focus will switch to F3 that that will be our ‘home focus’ while we go through the transition phase which will eventually allow us to make the permanent switch to F4. At this point, F4 will become our Primary Focus once again and the cycle is complete.

F1 encompasses EVERYTHING that we regard as physical: the world, the galaxy and the entire universe. If you want to know who created the universe, I have been reliably informed that it was us! The purpose of the physical universe is to experience objective reality. At some point we got together, from a Focus 4 perspective, and decided to create a common pool of subjective energy that would manifest itself objectively in the form that we recognise as the physical universe, the purpose of which is to provide an excellent means of gathering experience; we are here to experience and being physical in an objective sense is a wonderful way of doing so. The physical world can be thought of as condensed subjective energy manifesting in an objective manner and in creating it, we set up a series of rules surrounding this energy. The result is of course the material principles of the universe and what we understand as Physics. One of the most useful aspects of the physical world is that being physical shields us from the worst effects of subjective expression: with regards to the Wider Reality, if you think about something, you will release subjective energy; do this enough and the desired effect will manifest. This causes problems for those who are in a poor state of mind. The lower levels of F3 are awash with people who are stuck in their own self created hell-holes due to an ever increasing spiral of negative energy. For example, someone who creates a terrifying situation for themselves then results in them becoming even more terrified, resulting in ever more terrifying situations and on it goes.

In the physical, this doesn’t happen. The equivalent to this scenario is what we call a nightmare. This is a fear generated scenario created in F2 while our bodies are resting. However, if the scenario becomes too terrifying, then we wake up, i.e. return to F1 where these energies have little effect. However, when our Primary Focus has switched to F3, we have nothing to stop us and it is possible for us to get caught up in all manner of negative scenarios, all of which provides the retrieval experts with plenty of work!

To put it another way, in F3 if you will a can of beer to appear in your hand then it is possible (with a bit of practise) to make this happen. In the physical, you can sit in your armchair and think about that beer in the fridge until the cows come home, but it won’t appear in your hand until you get off your ass and go and get it!

I should point out here that recent exploration has provided me with evidence that our desires and mental attitudes DO directly influence our physical reality to a far greater extent than previously thought; indeed our physical circumstances are DIRECTLY LINKED to our particular desires and attitudes. This means that with the right intent you can change your physical circumstances accordingly. At present I am still only at an early stage of exploration in this important area and much additional research is needed. However, even with this being so, it is clear that the norms surrounding physical reality do shield us from the most immediate and direct aspects of the ‘thought = action’ principle which governs the Wider Reality (or Astral World as others call it). This leaves us free to engage in all manner of experiences, all of which ultimately lead to our enrichment; that is after all the purpose of life: to live and to experience and to grow.

Some people question the notion that our primary purpose in physical existence is to experience, for if that is so, then this seems to justify or belittle all the horrible things that happen in the world and allow us to pass them off with ‘ah well it’s all experience and is therefore all good’.

Actually, I am NOT saying this: There is NO excuse for ANY KIND OF SUFFEREING! It is true that we are here to experience, but that does not mean that we have to experience horrendous suffering or that suffering is somehow ‘good’. The fact is, the physical world offers us a plethora of possible experiences, so many in fact that there is no need to immerse ourselves in endless horrific situations just for the hell of it. Our most innate natural state is in fact one of joy, peace and comfort; to experience the opposite to any great extent is not healthy.

In fact, the only useful aspect of experiencing agony and suffering is to learn how NOT to experience more agony and suffering! These are NOT naturally desired states and should be avoided if at all possible. Of course, the nature of the physical world and its freedom of action can make this impossible, as we are emotional creatures after all. We can all expect our fair share of pain, but there is no excuse for encouraging these negative aspects. The best we can do is to focus on the love and positivity than can arise from such painful moments, providing we give them a chance to do so. We should do our best to encourage an end to suffering everywhere!

Astral Projection/Out Of Body Experiences:

One thing I want to make clear concerning what is normally called ‘out of body experiences’ is that this name is actually incorrect. The fact is, we already occupy ALL of our Consciousness Continuum to start with, with our Primary Focus being centred along a certain part of it i.e. F1, F3 or F4. With regards to F1, we are primarily FOCUSED on our physical bodies and we perceive and interact with the physical world through them but we are in no way INSIDE our bodies. When we ‘project’ we are temporarily shifting our focus of awareness from F1 to wherever, we are NOT leaving our bodies as we were never IN them in the first place!

With regards to exploring the physical while in an ‘out of body state’: in such a state, what we are therefore doing is not leaving our bodies but focusing away from them. Now, in doing so, we can continue to perceive the physical world as a point of consciousness but it can be difficult to navigate and to perceive properly if we’re not used to it, so to make things easy we can (usually automatically) create an energy double to focus on and use to navigate and perceive things around us. This is the so called ‘ethereal body’ or astral double that people talk about. The ethereal body only exists for as long as it is needed and it is then dissolved when we refocus back on the physical body again. This energy body can take many forms depending on the expectations of the projector; however they are not necessary in order to focus away from the physical but are a common feature.

The term ‘Astral projection’ on the other hand is normally used to refer to trips to the astral world or what I call F2 and F3 states. In F2 or F3, the process of ‘body creation’ is the same although it is much easier for people to create bodies for themselves and they feel much more ‘real’ than the temporary second bodies created for the duration of a physical ‘projection’. While people permanently engaged in F3 can adopt whatever form they wish, most people appear to automatically adopt the form of their previous physical existence, but as it was at their physical peak, i.e. 25 to 30 years old. This is somewhat of a generalisation but it tends to be most common.

One other point to note is that it is our continued desire to remain primarily focused on the physical which keeps our energetic connection with our physical bodies intact and keeps our physical bodies alive. As soon as we *permanently* switch our focus then our link with our physical bodies is broken and the physical body dies. To put it another way, the body is not the source of the mind, nor does it sustain the mind; the reality is that the mind sustains the body; as soon as the mind decides to disengage permanently, the physical body will die.

The Real Time Zone:

When talking about physical projections, people often talk about the physical world and a ‘buffer zone’ next to it. This buffer zone is like an exact parallel of the physical world and is where we project to when navigating the physical world in a non physical manner. I used to accept the notion of a buffer zone between the physical and the astral but no longer do so. I now believe that what we call the buffer zone or ‘Real Time Zone’ is in fact all part and parcel of the physical world. It is just that Focus 1 or the physical is made up of a lot more than what we perceive from a normal, physical perspective. I suppose we could call this the ‘Wider Physical’. You have not actually gone “out” of body at all. You have simply taken a step “back”, so to speak, from the front-line physical in terms of your current focus, into the wider physical. You cannot go “out” of someplace where you were never “in” in the first place. If someone moves their location from point a to point b, this logically presupposes the person was actually at point a to begin with. If I want to go out of one room into another room I have to initially be in that first room.

In terms of the body, we are not located in that first room, we are merely focused within it, as if from a distance, if you like. The analogy falls down rather quickly but imagine looking into room one from a distance through a telephoto lens, then you shift your focus to room two. In a sense, and only in a sense, this is what we are doing.

Reality Fluctuations:

Projectors often talk about ‘reality fluctuations’ when involved in a RTZ projection. For example, you may be floating around your room, looking down at your body and everything appears just as it was when you were physical, except it was dark outside and now it is light! Hold on, the door is in the wrong wall! These fluctuations are not really fluctuations, they are *overlays*. You see, F1, F2, F3 and F4 don’t sit one on top of another in a nice, organised, linear manner. The reality is that they all intertwine together, much like several strands of string bound together to form rope. You can experience F1 and *at the same time* experience an overlay of F2 or even F3. This is how I expect mystics have their visions. They experience an F2 overlay of Jesus or whoever, and this is on top of their F1 experience. The end result is seamless so you would in effect see Jesus walking around in front of you in the parking lot or wherever you were having your vision! Ghostly manifestations may also be a result of overlays, perhaps F1/F3 overlays, allowing the witness and the ‘ghost’ (i.e. someone residing in F3) to perceive each other. Overlays or fluctuations as they are more commonly called, can be kept to a minimum with practise: you need to practise keeping your mind as focused and emotionally neutral as possible during physical projections and eventually you should be able to observe your RTZ surroundings with a good degree of accuracy.

Parallel Universes:

The Wider Physical is a very interesting area which I am just starting to get to grips with. When you are exploring the Wider Physical you come across all manner of tubular structures, astral gateways and all manner of weird and wonderful entrance structures. I now believe that at least some of these may lead to other parallel physical universes. There is not just one universe you see. While ours is vast enough, it would appear that we created many other parallel physical universes as well. Some are very similar and others are wildly different. I am now of the opinion that they all exist very close to each other but on different vibrationary levels. It is perfectly possible to “travel” between what are commonly called parallel universes. A seasoned projector can do this (though not in the physical sense… yet?) by travelling along the myriad of tubular structures that link all the various different realms of physical-reality universes. I suspect this underlies Monroe’s F35 experiences, described in his book. I have never found an exact parallel for F35 and I believe that he may have actually arrived at a crossroads of parallel physical dimensions. However, instead of these crossroads residing somehow ‘beyond’ F27, these parallel worlds may in fact interact at a much closer level, somewhere in the Wider Physical level, or what we call the Real Time Zone. Like many aspects of the Wider Reality, this area requires further study.

Opportunities For Providing Proof:

As I always say, the only way a person can “prove” experiences to himself or herself is to gain knowledge of an action that is unconnected with themselves. Physical projection, once mastered, is an excellent opportunity to get some. For example, in one RTZ projection I had fairly recently, I was outside and saw a large van making a delivery to the bakery. I popped back to physical, threw on some clothes, walked down the road to the bakery to check and there was the van. This is just one example but once you have done this kind of thing a few times, residual doubts about your experiences will soon be dispelled.

4) In depth: Focus 2

The region of your Consciousness Continuum that I call Focus 2 is very interesting. Unlike Focus 1, 3 and 4, this area of your consciousness can only be experienced by you. It is an area of individual consensus reality that nobody else has access to apart from you.

Focus 2 of consciousness is the next area inwards, so to speak from F1. Now, anything that ever has, or ever will come about within Focus 1 originates within Focus 2 of consciousness. This is the area of a person’s imagination; it is where all ideas come about, all impressions, gut feelings, etc. Each and every manifestation that is brought into being within Focus 1 oC, absolutely all of it, every invention, every design, every piece of art of any description, etc. without exception originates within Focus 2 of consciousness.

Focus 2 oC is the place the olden day explorers termed the astral. It is perfectly possible to enter this area and engage in whatever belief construct you like in 3D. It’s the place where most of us do our dreaming. If a person develops a degree of lucidity while they are dreaming, then this is where they will have a lucid dream. If they purposely enact some kind of “projection technique” then they can often enter this region with certain expectations, which will pan out as an “astral projection” experience as opposed to a dream or lucid dream. But these actions are all essentially the same. All that changes is your level of awareness an