It’s trippy-drippy, fractal, emotional, psychedelic, avantgarde, avantgrade pop music.

Cover Art & Track-Titles created together with Anne Michalek.

This is the Cassette-Version incl. download of the digital version & world wide shipping!
You will leave your e-mail address at the check out, so I can contact you
where to send the Cassette.

I chose Cassette for archival reasons. It ages very well.
While aging it changes the sound, so every Cassette will sound different in the future.
It lasts longer than CD.
After/during the aging process a Cassette might even sound more interesting,

while a CD generally sounds worse or not at all.
Vinyl is also great, but I would need around 3-4 LPs,
which is expensive & cumbersome.

Also, the sounds on the album prevent a Vinyl-Pressing.

Digital ages perfectly, but the haptics suck and maybe, just maybe the internet gets deleted by a Geomagnetic Storm or whatever.

So, get on the Cassette – train now or later or never.


After the payment (paypal/credit card or IBAN) you get the release via e-mail in quality-compressed MP3-format & in the lossless FLAC-format.

Nach dem Kauf (Paypal/Kreditkarte oder Überweisung) wird das Album sowohl im hochwertig komprimierten MP3-Format als auch im kompromisslosen FLAC-Format für audiophile Ansprüche per E-Mail zur Verfügung gestellt.