Some notes:
It is a intermediate conclusion to a phase, where I explored & tried to transcend the routines of what I call “beat scene”.
you know…
kicks, snares, boom-bap, fieldrec-percussion, simple, mostly synth melody lines, pop scales/chords, “innovative” timbre etc…. and this reproducing of the routines of (“fake”) avant-garde-pop-music enables me now to avoid this routines & to scuff myself up from them into further exploration of enjoyable musical styles with the aim to finally let new genuine styles/genres/patterns/routines emerge. Another formulation: I try to continue the mission of the jazz-movement in 30s, 40s & 50s- which seems quite abandoned today, looking at all those same-same music & self-complacent labels/producers pretending to be avant-grade. I would write more, but I gotta feed my high horse now.

originally released December 4, 2012
on www.mouseonmars.com/rr-001/


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