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here is deef, the secretary & janitor of
I am an interdisciplinary artist/geek and a really real metaphysician.
At my very core I always felt the urge to create original worlds and it so happened in this life, that I concentrated on the audio-world-creation... so far.
In my early teens I fumbled around on my first, beloved 2GHZ-4.3gb-HDD-Windows95-PC (may it rest in peace), diligently clicking away in the mysterious realm of of the greyed out timeline of the vintage Magix Music Maker software. Little did I know, back then, that importing an audio sample was the key to unlocking the software's potential. 
Eventually, my path inside a local megastore’s “software on sale” pyramid led me to Hip-Hop E-Jay, but as time passed, assembling beats from prefab samples started to lose its charm. A few years down the line, I gained access to the internet & my hands on Reason 2.5 and Fruity Loops. My initial instinct was to recreate my favorite music genres like dub, ambient, trance, drum&bass and especially rap beats to hone my craft.
After five years of dedicated practice, I made the leap to Ableton LIVE 8 & MaxMSP, which quickly became my beloved go-to digital audio workstation until this day.
It was around 2012 that I embarked on a new adventure, delving into the world of audio hardware. My motivation? Primarily, I wanted to perform live and make a living, but this decision led me down a profound rabbit hole of a decade-long journey.
Day in and day out, I immersed myself in research, buying, repairing, using and selling an array of equipment: samplers, grooveboxes, synths, eurorack-modular systems, drum machines, compressors, and so much more. 
In the tapestry of the present, I've woven this chronicle into an extraordinary dream-studio, a haven for the most peculiar and characterful electronic sound artifacts, where hardware and software intermingle in an orchestra of eccentricity. Meanwhile, I tiptoe toward the uncharted territory of AI, where unexplored domains of creativity beckon.
Up until now, 2023, I released 11 LPs, DJeyed, performed live, composed quite a few theatre-play-scores IRL, remixed, was remixed, made unofficial edits,  worked as self-proclaimed studio consultant, made an electronic improvisation music workshop for kids, provided music for a beautiful dance short, composed OSTs for art-movies, worked with a community radio-station (jingle, show-production, live appearance as co-host), haunting around as background music in many youtube videos & recently airdropped my first, free audiovisual NFT-collection to voters on the Kusama Blockchain...
Want to check out my music?
I unabashedly put it everywhere to be honest. ;-)
Here is a PROOF OF LINKS for legacy-web2 commercial distribution platforms like Spotify, iTunes sHmyTunes and a dozen other stores around the world for your convenience. 
or Bandcamp or Soundcloud or Youtube.
or you can stream & download all my officially rlsd music absolutely free in the epic Free Music Archive. 
I own all the rights to my music & it is published under the Creative Commons License:
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND
with 0.0 collecting societies involved, so you are free to play & share & even use it everywhere meeting the conditions of the respective CC-License: BY-NC-ND;
Attribution: “music by deef -”
NC (NonCommercial): If you want to use my music/art in a context where it contributes to somebody’s money growing, let me know and we figure out something fair for all parties.
Why NoDerivs = No Derivatives?  I won’t get mad, but write me a mail, if you really wanna know. ;-)
This was a quick & kinda boring rundown of my path in music.
For the Really Real Metaphysician stuff check out my Real Metaphysics subpage.
All this is just a part of my adventures and does not define me.
To learn more about your local, organic deef, approach me IRL.

The beautiful fractals you see all over the site were made with GASTON. Thanks Leo Fink!
Thanks for supporting my art in many ways: My Parents, Knater Rochen, Enno, Ann Cotten, Miriam Lemdjadi, Felicitas Braun, Pablo Walser, Dmain et. al.

Explorable Discography

Check out the video for the first track from the upcoming “Love Loops Explorer” (2023/2024):




here is my first LP “Lebensbegleitende Musik” (2008) missing.
it is really naive music of an overly confident beginner
and Café-del-Mar aficionado,
but I will put it up here nonethelesseee sooooooo0n.