sounds like a clickbait, but SRSLY, WOW!

It played on my favorite radio-station Orange 94  silently in the background & still the string-chords caught my attention.
Upon listening closely it straight up killed me. it resonated so deeply – I was overwhelmed.
I listened just once in full quality & now a little scared to listen again. it is that good.
My theory is that every person has her own “harmonic space”.
Most good musicians know their own harmonic space & how to generate it. Some even marked it as a signature sound so that the public connects this space with this artist,
e.g. Björk, even if you’d leave out her voice-timbre & sound-design & text. she sings always in her favorite harmonic space (which is far away from mine).
The harmonic space of the string-chords of Alice Coltrane’s “Prema” are at the core my own harmonic space.
I managed to generate my harmonic space consistently just recently in the last few releases & the next ones will be more & more precise inside da space.
BTW, I was quite surprised that it was a Jazz-track, as Jazz for me sounds “bluesy”, which is not my harmonic space at all.
There is a spin to this chords & their piano variation in this track that is bluesy & it leaves me cold even a mild “meh”,
but the core-chords on the other hand… dear g0d ploase halp mi.
I mean you can’t even sample this track, chop it up in MPC/Ableton’s Sampler & flip it into a Boom Bap, now that would be tacky.
Probably somebody has done it already & we can do nothing about it.
Prema is too gorgeous & otherworldly to stick it into profane producing-routines/styles/genres, as it is a genre in itself.
Prema also already sampled itself.
What I usually do is take a bar or two which is a shy gem inside a boring context & make it shine
& be proud of itself through looping and effects, but Prema recognizes already its most precious gem and holds it up high.
One could try and enhance it even more, like a little humble polishing, maybe.
OK, I am ready for the 2nd listen now.
…still amazing.
Alice said in an interview that “Prema” is a Sanskrit word for “Divine Love”, such a perfect name for this track.

Some time passed, I heard it a couple of times. It is simply a bottomless source of deep love. I can not believe it!
Found another interesting fact:
“I asked Alice Coltrane what her personal favorite composition was: at first she insisted, “None – John’s work is my favorite”. Pressing her further she said PREMA.”
source article: The Evolution of Alice Coltrane – 1987
Of course it is PREMA, dear Alice! This track was worth searching your whole life & I am thankful you found it.
I’m happy to match this track with my love for my lovely love-partner.
Without this match I’d feel deep longing for such a love listening to PREMA, the feeling would be unbearable, while now I feel unbearably grateful during those magic string-chords.

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