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Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument, Matrix, Physicists & the hot, new, old, boring, misconception.

Recently I stumbled upon a viral facebook-video summing up a couple of “real” Physicists (Neil deGrass Wayneson, etc. feat. the bourgeois technologist Elon Musk) talking about some recent (wtf?) signs hinting to FINALLY , PROBABLY the Earth (-Èxistèncé) being a Simulation. God damn, […]

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Whistleblower’s Theme


may I introduce a new piece?


I produced Whistleblower’s Theme in the beginning of 2017.
It stands on its own & won’t be included in any album.
Dedicated to all Whistleblowers out there; no matter […]

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2016 recap

people are working with my music all over da world & this makes me happy.
some examples:
today I got this video of the dance piece
“Augmental Breakdown” by Cassie Burns
same track was used for a fashion photo shoot video

seems […]

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Noto released!

Ann Cotten & me worked together on this prose&music.

It was an experiment we wanted to try.
“Noto” is a short prose from Ann’s “Der Schaudernde Fächer” (Suhrkamp 2013). Available in German only at the moment.
The cooperation process itself was full […]

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