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Who’s deef?
deef is when you need no thoughts to go to sleep.
deef is when your moms aren’t safe from metaphysiques.
deef is the who is who of all deefs.

I’m a musician, metaphysicist, futurologist & creative creator.
This is my digital home.

Here you will find my music & other stuff I work on.
Just some legit deef-place outside the standard commercial platforms.
Everything is maintained by me with essential programming help from EEDEE.

For starters, here is my romantic artist manifesto:


At the moment I am working as a Social Worker working with people with mental illnesses and supposedly writing my Philosophy-M.A.-Thesis on:
“Philosophy of Composition from the Viewpoint of selected Composers of the 20th Century”, but…

I am interested in a conglomeration of music, real metaphysics, consciousness, future technology (blockchain, modular synths, electronic music instruments, maxmsp etc.), psychology, psychedelics, tropes, humans, autobiographies, movies…

BC blockchain: It is simply the next big thing after the Internet & it will bring great emancipation into our digital future.
I like to research use cases & future probabilities of the blockchain-technology & don’t post about it.
Many people are already annoyed by cryptocurrencies & wave it aside as nerdy greed-piece of capitalist shit,
but it is simply “the blood” of blockchain, as many tokens literally work as information-transmitters.
I also think that that cryptos are quite risky, but highly lucrative investment.
You can chose yourself which blockchain-technology fits your ethical disruption criteria, playing the futurology-game
& at the same time getting paid for it with 100-10000% gains or total loss. Sounds good to me.

TL;DR Social workin’, solving the mystery of existence & making romantic post-avantgarde music are my main jobs.

deef_in_good_old_HDr_by niklas_plessing