Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument, Matrix, Physicists & the old, boring, cowardly misconception.

//Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument, Matrix, Physicists & the old, boring, cowardly misconception.

Recently I stumbled upon a viral facebook-video summing up a couple of “real” Physicists (Neil deGrass Wayneson, etc. feat. the bourgeois technologist Elon Musk) talking about some recent (wtf?) signs hinting to FINALLY , PROBABLY the Earth (-Èxistèncé) being a Simulation. God fucking damn, they are finally catching up to this old shoe, but of course still in some epic fucking naive misconception. Please tell me: How am I supposed to feel humble if the smartest people on Earth stumble around in this baby-shit, feeling all cutting-edge?
As I explained in REAL METAPHYSICS… god fucking damn, please read it already…

There is nothing to SIMULATE – our existence gets computed every (metaphorically – there is no “computer” of cozzZzz!!!) by the overall consciousness system (aka the -as far as possible- post-gender, mysterious, hyper-humorous GOD-“System”), similar to infinite other “physical or whatever” realities, but they AREN’T FUCKING SIMULATED. IT IS AS REAL AS IT GETS. THE GAME IS REAL. THE REAL IS GAME. We (our souls) don’t really die, there IS a deeper meaning, to you, to life, to everything. You aren’t born a clean slate. You are not the sum of Genetical Clump & random (?) life-experience & no, it was not wishful thinking all along. Welcome @.
(…ok I am happy that the common sense is finally catching up to something that is fucking far away from the ALREADY NOW AVAILABLE TRUTH, but the stupendous slowness still hurtz me mucho.)

Yes, what this supposedly intelligent public figures vaguely suggest was happening all along before this universe was conceived. We are immortal metaphysical consciousness-units living the Earth-Game at the moment, which we choose time & time again by our-fucking-selves (!!!). They are too scared to speak/think really about it though. Happily I don’t give a fuck as I have nothing to lose.  SO Let’z get diz truth-creditZzz y’ALL…



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  1. VanessA September 12, 2018 at 11:15 am - Reply

    People find
    what structures their mind

    • deef September 12, 2018 at 2:45 pm - Reply

      I see – the aphorism is ok,
      but if we really dig into this, it gets kinda l00py.
      So putting it un-elegantly:
      People who are not thorough enough in their rationalizing/reflection
      tend to jump on the first metaphors, which arise from their everyday information/experience-consumption?

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