people are working with my music all over da world & this makes me happy.
some examples:
today I got this video of the dance piece
“Augmental Breakdown” by Cassie Burns

same track was used for a fashion photo shoot video.
seems that fashion-people like this track

a whole release is used in this beautiful art-doc “Cryptozoology 1″:

There is much more online & offline… theater-pieces, art projects, documentary radio features, a promotional video about brazilian textile industry… one nice guy even reported hearing my music in a documentary about elephants incl. credit to me – We couldn’t find it online though yet, so let me know if you see it. So I am alive and well – this was a good year. I made big progress building my hi-tech studio, which is getting insane. New homepage & shop went online. (not to mention 99% of other important personal stuff). 2017 new big phat deef LP, deefy as fuck, promised! (sorry for taking so long).

Thank you for your support.
Have a nice holiday & transition!

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